Explaining the Different Types of Sport Bettors

Sports betting online is a branch that moves the online gambling industry forward. Now available in numerous countries worldwide, everyone has already seen the potential (and money) online bookies bring to the table. It helps that people love betting online, impressed by the numerous new bets compared to betting shops. If you are into that, live betting is a major hit.

The diversification of the market has led to numerous different types of bettors. Some bet casually; others are high rollers. Some people have made online sports betting their job, although it’s a risky investment we wouldn’t stick to.

In this guide, we’ll explain more about the different types of sports bettors.

How Many Sports Bettors Are Out There?

It depends on the country. The number of sports bettors is in the millions since this is a multi-billion dollar industry on a global scale. There’s no question that people love to bet online. It’s quicker and more convenient than betting shops and has an even greater number of markets.

Just to make it clear how big of industry this is, the US market has doubled in size in 2021, with Americans wagering over $52.7 billion during the year. Unofficial numbers say that there are around 19 million bettors in the USA, so you can guess how many are there worldwide.

What Are Professional Bettors Called?

While it’s not an official term, a professional sports gambler is usually called a sharp. They are respected among bookies as their action has the power to move lines. Bookies always look for sharps and adjust their odds before losing value and money.

Sharps make money through online sports betting. Of course, they don’t win all of the time, but they’re not afraid to spend big. Some bookies don’t even accept wagers from known sharps, limiting or banning the accounts of these pro sports bettors.

Sharps are just one type of bettor. Below you can see the others which don’t make a living out of sports bets.

Recreational Bettors

The name says it all. Casual punters are welcome at the best offshore betting sites as they aren’t sharp looking to make a living out of betting. These people won’t play big bets but spend just enough to win a nice sum every time. Some may aspire to make money from sports betting, but others aren’t that serious about that intention. They just hope to win the next bet.


Semi-pros are kind of like a bridge between sharps and recreational bettors. They can be banned from sports betting sites like sharps but are still not at the level of sharps. Still, they have more than enough knowledge to make money from professional sports betting. They’re happy to learn how to make a profit and stick with it, unlike sharps always looking for new ways to earn.

Parlay Bettors

This group of bettors only puts their money on parlays. They never bet singles or any other type of bet – they just stick with accumulators. There’s nothing wrong with that strategy, even if it’s not profitable in the long run. Some of these bettors target realistic parlays and win them frequently. Chasing the jackpot is risky, but the eventual prize, in the end, is worth it.

Bonus Hunters

Bonus hunters are a smart group of bettors. Instead of spending their full bankroll, they chase after the best bonuses and promotions and try to win with the extra cash. These promos allow them to maximize their winning potential and earn more money from sports betting.

What Are Big Bettors Called?

Big bettors are known as high rollers. This is an umbrella term used in online gambling, while in the sports betting industry, they are known as wiseguys or sharps.

What Types of Sports Bets Are There?

The online betting industry completely revolutionized the way we bet. More sports were added to the list, and there are more markets than ever. Football and soccer remain the sports most bettors put their money on, but there’s a lot of action on baseball, basketball, and tennis.

The largest betting events of the year are the Super Bowl, the MLB World Series, the NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup. Horse racing also gets many bets, especially with big races on the calendar, such as the Kentucky Derby.

Are Punters and Bettors the Same Term?

Yes, they are. Bettors is a globally accepted term, while punters is most often used in the UK. Still, they have the same meaning, so you can use whichever you like.

Conclusion – Are All Sports Bettors the Same?

We hope our guide cleared any confusion regarding the different types of sports bettors. As you can see, they’re not all the same. There are different groups of bettors out there with different aspirations and a way of betting on sports online. Which group are you part of?

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