The Most Popular Online Slot Games of the Year 2022

Slots are one of the most popular games for both players and casinos. It’s a game that’s easy enough to learn if you’re a beginner and it depends on both luck and skill, which is a good balance. There are also thousands of different popular online slot games to choose from.

Here we present a few of the most popular online slot games played in 2022. Some of them are just for fun and tokens while in others you can actually earn a bit of money as well. 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular online slot games out there. It’s played by a wide pool of different players from all over the world. The game was developed by Microgaming and that’s where it gets its great gaming mechanic and an appealing aesthetic. 

The biggest payout the machine has had so far was about 10 million Euros. The gameplay is rather similar to the Safari slot on which it’s based. There are three types of jackpot ranging in size from Mini to Mega. The game has 25 pay lines. 

Private Eye

Private Eye is a game that has an interesting theme and aesthetic and that’s what attracts most players to it. It’s a game based on the workings of a private investigator solving crimes. It has a 1940s aesthetic since that’s why crime noir was so popular and that’s where many modern noir gets its inspiration from. 

The game also offers two levels of bonus stages. The sound design is also one of the best features of the game and one of the things that provide it with its unique look and feel, which made it famous in the first place. 

Thunderstruck 2

The original game was a huge hit on its own and the sequel is just as good if not better. In most cases, the sequels don’t follow up the original game, since the features players came to expect from a slot game change over time. Thunderstruck 2 does keep the features that the players have grown accustomed to.

The game also has a version for mobile casinos that works on both iOS and Android and that has the same look and feel as the casino game itself.  The aesthetic of the game is focused and based on Nordic mythology.

9 Pots of Gold

This is a perfect slot for those who are beginners in the field and want to try something fun and simple that will allow them to learn and improve their gameplay. It’s a new game, made this year and its theme is broadly Irish. 

There are not that many bonuses and extras which is what makes the game great for beginners – it’s not that too complex for a new player to understand and play. The gameplay overall is relaxed and it allows you to win about 2000 times what you’ve invested. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a game about the quest to find the fame of Eldorado and gain the riches you can find there.  It’s developed by NetEnt and it has a cute cartoon aesthetic to it. The sound design is especially beautiful and it brings out the ambiance with its many natural and bird sounds. 

There are 20 fixed pay lines and reels are made to look like avalanches in order to fit with the theme of the game. The symbols used in the game are inspired by Mayan culture which makes a good fit with the overall aesthetic.

The Book of Ra

The Book of Ra is a rather popular slot game that consists of nine reels and is inspired by Egyptian mythology. There are also a lot of bonus features and many different chances to make a big win. This is what attracts most players to the game, beyond its aesthetic. 

There are many different bet sizes that you can try. That means that the game can be played by players of different skill levels and with many different budgets. The best range from $0.2 to $5 per line. If you’re a new player it’s best to start with the smallest amount and move up from it. 

Razor Shark

Razor Shark is a popular slot game that has an underwater aesthetic and offers rather colorful and beautiful gameplay. The symbols used in this slot are all related to water life, swimming, and sailing equipment.  The game is produced by Push Gaming.

The background and the symbols are both dynamic, meaning that they move and get activated when they are used. It gives a realistic look and feel to the game and makes it more immersive. The game reels are what you may expect from a slot game and it’s suited to different players regardless of how much experience they have with gambling. 

How to Choose?

There are many popular slot games out there and choosing one can be tricky. Make sure you know how much you can bet on each of these and how much you stand to win as well. It’s also important to learn about bonuses and how you can withdraw them.

In the end, the aesthetic and the theme of the game are as important as the winnings. Stick to the games that you like and that you can have fun playing. It means a lot when you spend a long time with a game as you probably will.

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