9 Signs Your Commercial Truck Needs Repairs

As a driver or fleet operator, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your commercial truck or equipment is in good condition. Like other vehicles, your truck can break down due to regular use or other mechanical issues. Keeping your truck insurance up to date will help in these cases. Get commercial truck insurance quote now if you haven’t safeguarded your truck yet. However, regular maintenance minimizes these problems, primarily if your vehicle is attended to by a professional.- Your Commercial Truck

Knowing the signs to watch out for is one way to prevent significant damage and costly truck repairs. For more information on what you should look out for to determine if your truck requires repair, continue reading.

1.Turning Difficulties

Unlike other passenger vehicles, commercial trucks are massive and should be checked regularly to avoid on-road breakdowns. One section to inspect regularly is your tire’s condition. If you experience any turning problem or abnormal vibration, you should have the tires checked immediately, as damaged or misaligned tires can cause mishaps. Ensure that your truck moves and turns swiftly without exerting much force. Otherwise, you might require Royans truck repairs or any car repair services to correct the issue.

2.Poor Performance

As an experienced truck driver, you know how your truck handles different tasks. Therefore, a poor change in performance, taking longer to start up, not driving smoothly, or high fuel consumption when driving the same route are signs that you should get your truck checked before it suffers more damage. These incidents may point out issues in the engine like failing oxygen sensor, dirty air filter, loss of cylinder compression, or clogged fuel system. Once you take the truck for inspection, the technician will address all the issues and identify the source of the problem.

3.Warning Signs- Your Commercial Truck

A flashing check engine light can signify minor and significant issues, so it shouldn’t be ignored. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know the problem by looking at the engine. Therefore, it’s advisable to get professional assistance for a precise diagnosis.

4.Braking Issues

Headers truck running.

Any slight change in the braking action should be addressed before it escalates to more significant issues that can cause accidents. Signs that your brakes are about to fail include: vibrations when pressing the brakes, the truck pulling to one side when braking, weird noises like screeching, grinding or squeaking when applying the brakes, and a feeling of squishiness when pressing the brake pedal. If you notice any of the listed warning signs, schedule an inspection to have your brakes checked since your truck’s brakes are all that ensure you’re safe on the road.

5.Unusual Noises

Trucks make a fair amount of noise familiar to drivers, but if you hear loud bangs, knocks, or clicking sounds emerging from below the truck, it’s a sign your truck isn’t functioning as it should. When accelerating, a squealing sound could signify a loose belt, while a grinding sound may indicate incorrect ride height or low transmission fluid levels. However, be cautious of a knocking sound from your engine as it could be extensive damage like liner seals or main bearings damage.

6.Colored Exhaust Smoke

The color of emissions can also indicate trouble. Black smoke means that the truck is excessively burning gasoline due to the wrong fuel combination. White smoke points to issues in the cooling system, while blue or gray smoke signifies possible oil leaks due to cracked seals. All this can mean problems with your engine, so get it checked once you notice any issue.                         


Liquid leaks from your engine can indicate big trouble for your truck. Check the liquid’s color, smell, and flow to identify any leaks. If it’s not water, it might be engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, or power steering fluid. After noticing any leakage, contact a truck repair technician to diagnose and fix the issue.


If vibrations appear suddenly and aren’t caused by bumpy or rough road conditions, it should be a red flag that your truck has issues. You might experience it on the steering wheel when you attain a certain speed, or throughout the truck. These vibrations can signify different issues like unbalanced or worn-out tires, flat tires, or failing universal joints.


If your truck suddenly starts stalling at an intersection when you try to accelerate, it’s a warning sign that your truck has an issue and can put you in a dangerous situation. The engine is designed to deliver performance, especially when needed the most, hence it requires high-level maintenance. If its having difficulties delivering, it may need a new fuel filter or new spark plugs, so have it checked as soon as possible.


Suppose you’re driving or preparing for a long haul and notice any of the above-mentioned warning signs. In that case, it’s recommended to schedule an inspection right away for repairs to ensure you and other road users are safe.Or, you can source quality truck parts and do the work yourself!

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