Safety Tips For Riding A Harley Davidson Through The Mountains

Riding through the mountain is very risky and you may not get a stand if you make a mistake. Mountain rides require a different set of skills than riding on flat streets. You may face sharp turns, steep inclines, and sweeping curves. – Riding A Harley Davidson

You may have traveled in the mountains sitting on a bus or a car. But motorbike tires tend to have less traction on the roads than car tires so you should be much more concentrated on the road conditions while riding. If possible, stop several times while coming down from the mountains. Read the complete passage to learn all the tips for riding on a Harley through the Mountains.  

Safety Tips For Riding A Harley Davidson Through The Mountains

Riding on a mountain with a bike is much more challenging and you should always pay much attention to the road conditions. To avoid any unpleasant occurrence try to follow safety tips and riding techniques. Make a plan if you opt for riding through the mountains, use protective wearings, and respect the speed limit conditions if marked on the street boards. 

Wear the specific full-face helmet which has been made thinking about the riding safety of a Harley rider. It is made with robust material, an anti-fog, anti-scratch face shield, and an especially made interior.

Use A Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet While You Ride Through The Mountain

You should never skip a motorcycle helmet while you run on the road. Your safety mostly depends on the type of helmet you use from a different perspective. If you wear an open-face helmet or a half-face helmet while riding a superbike like Harley, it won’t be wise. These types of helmets can serve better while you run a low-speed, low-powered motorbike in normal weather conditions. But you should always maintain the highest safety level when riding a Harley Davidson. 

These bikes are heavy and durable. You can ride at a great speed on it. So, you just imagine how badly you needed a protective helmet. But the full-face helmet for Harley riders is made thinking the riding condition of a Harley rider. You may have to consider comfort and convenience like other half-face or open-face helmets. But remember as you are going to ride on the mountain with a super powered motorbike, you have the best option to wear these helmets to ensure full your full safety. 

Make A Trip Plan

While you are riding you may have pre-planning about the road condition and the type of the mountain. It can be a good idea if you look at the mountain on google map’s satellite or watch a video of that mountain’s road conditions from any blog videos. It’s a part to ensure your safety and planning for pleasant riding.

Keep Much Concentration On The Road And Drive Carefully – Riding A Harley Davidson

The mountain roads are not easy to ride just like simply riding on flat roads. You may have to ride through the tricky terrains and obviously, there will be a risk of facing wild animals. So, use protective wearers while riding and carefully notice the road condition to avoid any grim situations.

Hold The Clutch With Two Fingers

You should keep control of the clutch and properly know its functioning. It’s really appreciated if you usually work with the clutch just by simply using your middle and index finger. Thus, you can easily operate the clutch and won’t have to struggle to adjust the grip over again and again.

Stand Up

As you are going to ride through the mountain you may need to stand frequently during riding to make your rides easier. It’s also a good way to bring the center of gravity to the front so that your body weight can get supported by the foot pegs. It will also provide a better impact on the bike’s bumper.

Avoid Front Brakes While Taking A Turn

Riding on the mountain is a matter of maintaining high safety, as you are riding on a Harley no doubt that you may cross the limit that may be required. Even while you are riding on the mountain there is a 99% possibility that you may counter any animals crossing the lane. At that time you may need to talk a halt or apply a brake. Always remember to hit the rear brake first. Just train your instinct to go for the back brake to ensure your safety.

Use Proper Boots

You should use the right type of boot best for using while you are riding. A proper boot will support you to reduce friction on your feet against the speed. You can’t simply wear sandals and flip-flops while riding on a Harley. The heated parts may get touched with your sandals and make them spoil and finally burn your feet. On the other hand, if you use proper boots you can get a nice grip on the padel bars.

Leaning In

Try to lean in when you cross all the corner turns. This technique you may usually do while you cross the first corner of your riding. But this technique is very good practice to avoid any accidents. Especially when you take turns of the hairpins, you must apply this so you will have good control over the motorcycle and its motions.

Respect The Double Yellow Line

While you’re riding through mountains it’s wise to respect the double yellow line and never cross your lanes. It’s also wise to ride touching the yellow line of your sides so that the immature pitch or broken road conditions can’t bring issues to your riding.

 Watch Out For Sand And Debris

Sand and debris like loose gravel can bring a detrimental effect on your riding, especially while you are riding through the mountain. Try to avoid construction areas where the sandman can mistakenly leave sand or dust on the road which may make the road worse for your wheels. Remember that, the traction of a car wheel is not the same as a motorcycle wheel so it can easily fall into a trap. On the other hand, if you run through these roads at a speed, the bikers behind you may experience a flying dusty environment. 

If you are riding in a group, it’s better to send them a signal if you experience a speck of specks of dirt and sand. You can raise your left hand to send a signal to your group members or if you want to give signals to the drivers coming from the opposite direction, you can kick your right leg out to let them know that hazards are in front.


Riding through the mountain is always risky. You never know what hazards are waiting for you. So, it’s better to know the tips and practice the techniques to avoid those unwanted hazards. Harly Davidson is a type of motorbike which is heavy and gives you support to ride at a great speed. So, people often forget their limits while riding on it. Avoid sandy, slippery corners of mountain roads, respect yellow lines, stand up or lean in somewhere depending on the tricky mountain conditions, and always wear a full-face helmet while riding through the mountain on a Harley.

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