Business on Instagram in 2022: Truth or Bluff?

In order to make selling on Instagram more convenient and efficient, the social network has introduced a special profile format for companies — a business account. The transition to it is available to absolutely all users. You will go through step by step instruction on how to connect and set it up – as well as what features it provides and how they help sales.- Business on Instagram in 2022

A business account is a type of Instagram profile created for business promotion and analytics on the social network. In order to make your profile attractive for the customers, you certainly need to use free IG stories templates.

Profile Category

A business profile on Instagram allows you to display the theme of your page. In addition to the inscriptions “brand” and “personal blog”, which are now quite common, you can put any other profession or topic, for example: 

  • musician;
  • politician; 
  • clothing store; 
  • cafe; 
  • bar etc. 

This is important because it attracts the attention of your target audience.

Communication Buttons- Business on Instagram in 2022

For this setup, first fill in the contact details. Add them to the fields: email, phone, address. Then the action buttons will become available, and they are implemented through integration with third-party business applications. You will be able to place, for example, an online registration form or online payment. It will look like “Call”, “Sign up”, “Order delivery”, etc.

A business account makes it easier for users to contact you. For example, when you click on the “Call” button, the phone number automatically appears on the mobile dialing screen, that is, you do not need to copy it to the phone’s memory, open the desired section, paste it – everything is done in one click.


For a business profile, you can view various statistics. So you get the opportunity to track the reaction of subscribers to a particular content, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, contests, etc.

Statistics exist both for the profile in general and for individual publications and stories. This feature is useful not only for selling accounts, but also for personal brands.

Promotion and Targeting

Instagram has its own functionality to promote your posts. It works in such a way that it allows you to show your posts to the target audience, advertise your profile or drive traffic from Instagram to some external resource. This is more effective than simple cheats, although you will need cash investments for this tool.

Shopping Tags

Shopping Tags allow the audience to view the cards of your products, read the description, find out the price and go directly to the desired section of the online store. This feature has a positive effect on the growth of sales.

Physical Address

If you sell goods not only online, but also offline, you are probably often asked how to find you in order to buy a service or product. Business accounts allow you to post exact addresses and hours of operation with access to view the address on a map.


A business profile is relevant not only for selling pages or instagram landings: its wide range of features will find its use even if you do not sell anything. 

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to a business profile is free access to statistics that will show, for example, which posts turned out to be the most interesting.




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