What About Lamborghini Urus That Makes It So Appealing?

Do you know which road Lamborghini took when it wanted to boost its sales revenue? It blended the strengths of a super sports car and the power of an SUV and launched a powerful player in the automobile market- Lamborghini Urus. With its specs and performance, it has garnered the attention of many celebrities, namely Jay Leno, Mariah Carey, Rohit Shetty, Jr NTR, Kartik Aryan, Nicki Minaj, Ranveer Singh and Rohit Sharma.

It makes us think of what is so amazing about Lamborghini Urus, which elevated the company’s turnover to a massive extent. Well, if you also want to know about Lamborghini Urus, give this article a read.

While there’s no doubt that Lamborghini is always at its best to amaze its niche, this time, its experimentation has garnered positive results for it.


Engine Specifications

As already mentioned about Lamborghini Urus, it’s a super sports car, and then the powers of an SUV are immersed into it, so do you expect it to be packed with anything less than a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine? Yes, at this power with 8 cylinders, it can easily run 0-100 km per hour (62 mph) in less than 4 seconds. Unbelievable, right? Its robust engine empowers this vehicle to produce 650 bhp (brake horsepower) at 850 Nm of torque generation. Talking of this SUV’s top speed of 305 km per hour is enough to turn eyes on it.

Driving Modes

With ZF 8-speed AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) automatic transmission system in place, the Lamborghini Urus proffers the following driving modes:

  • Strada (Street)
  • Corsa (Track)
  • Tera (Dirt)
  • Sabbia (Sand)
  • Neve (Snow) and
  • Sport


When it comes to design, Lamborghini has never tamed the expectations of its customers. This Italian automobile manufacturer picked Alcantara leather, carbon fibre, and wood for this 4 (enough for 5 as well) seater vehicle’s interior. The company’s hallmark outshines on the heated and 12-way power-adjustable, copper-coloured and leather seats in yellow thread work. Without any doubt, the technological blend can be witnessed in this super SUV. Everything is power-controlled, from the steering system to the antilock braking system, from central locking to windows, from seats to the four-zone climate control system, and from door locks to sunroof.

about lamborghini urus

This robust SUV is made of avant-garde material and is furnished with an equally good infotainment system, a functionality screen with a virtual keyboard as well as a handwriting recognition system, and a metrics display screen right on the dashboard in front of the driver seat. All three screens are made using TFT technology. One can find the ‘Lamborghini’ engraved on the dashboard. The setup of Urus shouts of sporty aesthetics inside-out.

Cargo Space

The cargo space is as huge as 616 L for this Lamborghini manufactured car which goes by the name of Urus.


What About Lamborghini Urus Makes It So Appealing?

Maintaining its lushness, the Audi AG subsidiary doesn’t stand behind in evolving the Urus so as to spread its sporty charm. The hexagonal and octagonal engravings on the front hood are alone enough to give this super SUV a rugged, sporty look. The rear proudly marks the name of its manufacturer brand in stylish calligraphy. It won’t be wrong to say this about Lamborghini Urus that it’s a class. As for functionality, this super SUV features remote (or power-controlled) trunk openers and foldable remote side mirrors.

Safety Features

The Lamborghini Urus is built keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the passengers and has everything that one can ask for in a practical and advanced-age SUV. Apart from the vehicle status report, this super-sporty SUV is equipped with a smart navigation system which provides real-time traffic information with a 3D city view, POI integration, voice search facility and car finder in place.

Lamborghini has provided its customers liberation to choose from the safety package that they want to have as per specified and customized needs which include the following:

  • Urban Road
  • Highway and,
  • Full Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)


Along with this, it also has some standard safety grades such as a vehicle stability control system, parking sensors, engine immobilizer, crash sensors, door ajar warning system, child safety locks, anti-theft system, 360-degree rotating camera, day and night rearview mirror, engine check warning system, seat belt warning system, tyre pressure monitor, passenger and driver airbags.


One of the most adorable things about Lamborghini Urus is that its riders need not compromise on their entertainment as LIS III (also referred to as Lamborghini Infotainment System III) is assembled in it with 21 speakers backed with 1700 watts of power and advanced Bang and Olufsen sound system. So groove on your favourite playlist while you enjoy the drive in this super-sporty charm.

Fuel Holding Capacity & Economy

This sporty-edge lush by one and only Lamborghini gives 12 mpg (city), 17 mpg (highway), and 14 mpg (combined). Its fuel holding capacity is 75 litres, giving a 7.87 kmpl.

Wheels Look

One more notable thing about Lamborghini Urus is that its 21-inch alloy wheels (tubeless) are well-equipped with carbon-ceramic disc brakes (at both the front and the rear), which can endure enormous pressure and provide backup support to the car. This safeguards the car’s parts and system against any kind of sudden shock, cracks and other damage.


Lamborghini has kept the Urus models to be 201.26 inches long, 79.37 inches wide (excluding side mirrors), and 64.5 inches high. It weighs 2200 kgs making this a lightweight SUV, good for Urus drivers. The ground clearance of this one from Lamborghini is 6.2 inches.


Lamborghini Urus ranges between whooping 315,000 USD (58,523,850 PKR) to 343,000 USD (637,25,970 PKR).

Maintenance And Warranty

Lamborghini provides a basic warranty, drivetrain warranty, corrosion warranty along with roadside assistance and maintenance for its vehicles for 3 years for unlimited miles. However, they might vary as per different countries and retailers. One can also extend these services after the expiration tenure with the offered packages.


Lamborghini Urus has two variants, namely, Urus Pearl Capsule & Urus ST-X. Scroll down a little to know about Lamborghini Urus variants….

  • About Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule

Most of the standard and technical features remain the same while the Italian automobile MNC- Lamborghini opens the house for fullest customization of the Urus Pearl Capsule by providing two-tone colour options for Alcantara leather seats and three pearl paint options, namely, Verde Mantis, Arancio Borealis and Giallo Inti.

  • About Lamborghini Urus ST-X

The concept for Lamborghini Urus ST-X was given in the hands of the Squadra Corse Division, which was designed as per FIA regulations. This variant of Urus is furnished with a fire suspension system, full roll-cage, larger air intakes, and FT3 fuel tank, and Pirelli Tires, which lead to a drift in its weight by 25 percent as compared to the standard model.

Available Colour Options

What About Lamborghini Urus Makes It So Appealing?

This 5 door (4 +1 rear hatch that is counted as a door) comes in the following colour options:

  • Blu Astraeus (Deep or Dark Blue)
  • Nero Helene (Classic Black)
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Gallio Auge (Yellow Boom)
  • Blue Eleos (Royal Blue- Light Shade)
  • Bianco Monocerus (White)
  • Nero Noctis (Metallic Black) and
  • Rosso Mars (Shiny Red)

This off-road adventure super sports SUV proudly holds its head up, competing with Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q8, BMW X7, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and Maserati Levante. So far, we’ve discussed several features of this SUV in the above article, which make it so awesome. Write in the comment section which thing about Lamborghini Urus impressed you the most.

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