New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2023

Most of the vehicles running on the Pakistani roads have a cost range of under 50 lakhs. Therefore, we have brought New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2023.

The majority of the population in Pakistan belongs to a lower middle class, and they do not bear the expenses of the compact sedan or sports utility vehicle. In 50 lakhs, the top organizations in the car industry give handsome cars. The mileage of these cars is good enough than the sedan and bears compact size autos in some places.

However, the suv has more benefits and functions than the small cars. On this page, you should see all the vehicles whose cost is under 50 lakhs in Pakistan, and they are easily accessible to the public. Their price,  functional capability, engine performance, body style, interior room manner, prominent features, and safety requirements are here in this article to inform you whether you buy this car or not.

Furthermore, we should do our best to give you every detail of the particular car. From every perspective, we examine it to provide you with a better understanding of the specific car in a technical way.

Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimmy is a small car with a good look. The Suzuki Corporation has launched the many generations of this car brand according to the requirements of the time and fulfilling the criteria of the people.

Suzuki Jimny

The demand for the previous generations is now deficient because the later generations are upgraded to the need of time and meet people’s choices.

Price of Suzuki Jimmy in Pakistan 2023

The price of the Suzuki Jimny cars depends on their generation and the engine performance quality of the vehicle. The former model in this list is low budget while the cost of the recent vehicles is slightly more than that.

Price of Suzuki Jimmy in Pakistan 2023 PKR 6,049,000
Price of Suzuki Jimmy in 2023 $ 23,300

Honda BR-V

The vehicles of the Honda brand are famous for their quality of material which makes them run faster and more smoothly. Hence, the vehicle owner reaches the particular place in less time. Furthermore, the engine of this car has been performing better for a long time. The buyer of Honda BRV does not believe that their money is not wasted.

Honda BR-V

Price of Honda BRV in Pakistan 2023

The price of the Honda BR-V is economically viable. Mostly, its cost depends on the overall condition in which way the previous owner used it and the engine performance of the vehicle.

Price of Honda BRV in Pakistan 2023 PKR 4,079,000
Price of Honda BRV in 2023 $19,503 to $23,979

Toyota Corolla GLi

The Toyota Corolla gli is a 1300 cc vehicle, and you should probably say that it is the most selling car of Toyota in Pakistan. But the production of this card, and now you will buy the Toyota Corolla X instead of Toyota Corolla GLI. On the other hand, Toyota Corolla GLi is being offered a 1.3 Liter DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Engine. Furthermore, the engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Corolla GLi

Price of Toyota Corolla GLi in Pakistan 2023

The new Toyota Corolla gli is unavailable, but the old cars in this brand are accessible, and their price is from 22 lakhs rupees to 32 lakhs rupees.

Price of Toyota Corolla GLi in Pakistan 2023 2.2 million rupees to 3.2 million rupees
Price of Toyota CorollaGli 2023 USD 17,810

Ssangyong Tivoli

The Ssangyong Tivoli is a powerful car having a displacement capacity of 1598 cc, and the transmission of this car is fully automatic. Furthermore, the vehicle covers 13 km to 15 km in one liter of petrol consumption. On the other hand, the whole interior finishing is done with the black fabric stuff to increase the dignity. In addition, for safety insurance, it offers dual front airbags and powers windows. And in the infotainment features, there are a CD player with AUX and a USB slot to satisfy the passengers.

Ssangyong Tivoli

Price of Ssangyong Tivoli in Pakistan 2023

The Ssangyong Tivoli car has different variants, and the cost of these cars probably is odd from the other variants. The starting price of this car is from 3.5 million rupees to 4.5 million rupees.

Price of Ssangyong Tivoli in Pakistan 2023 35 lakhs to 45 lakhs Pakistani rupees
Price of Ssangyong Tivoli 2023 $15,900 to $22,110


The design of MG ZS is like a sports utility vehicle, but in reality, it is not suv. The competitor of this car is the Toyota corolla. In comparison, the price of the Corolla is lower tha,n it, but in the features, the MG ZS is superior. In addition, the Electricity Air Program, Key in Ignition lock warning alarm, Tyre pressure monitoring system, and Automatic locking door & Boot system ensure the safety of the occupants. Talking about the engine performance and power capacity of this MG ZS, this car is powered and operated by a 1.5 VTi non-turbocharged engine. This petrol engine generates or creates the power of 112 hp right at 6000 pm. Furthermore, the mileage of this vehicle is 15 km, and the transmission is automatic. It is among New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2023.


Price of MG ZS in Pakistan 2023

The price of this car is not as high as the other cars of some class. The rise in its price is due to the stunning features and performance of this vehicle. In addition, the maintenance of this vehicle costs no money like the other cars because it is an electric power vehicle.

Price of MG ZS in Pakistan 2023 44 lakhs Pakistani rupees
Price of MG ZS in 2023 $17,999 to $26,990

Final words

In this list of cars under 50 lakhs, the Honda car is a name of a status in Pakistan. All these cars on this list are the most famous, and it is because of the excellent quality material used in the management of this car engine to better the off-road experience of the car owners. The civic owners do not stare at the other cars and do not feel inferiority complex because they have their status.

We hope you like our reviews of New Cars Under 50 Lakhs in Pakistan 2023.

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