How To Ship Your Newly Purchased Motorcycle

So, you finally found that Harley Davidson you’ve always wanted. The only issue? The seller lives several states away. Don’t let this discourage you. You have a couple options available to get your new motorcycle shipped right to your garage. You could either fly out to the seller and physically drive the new motorcycle home and make a road trip out of it. The other option is to use a transport company to haul your motorcycle directly to your home. Newly Purchased Motorcycle-

While you may be tempted at the idea of driving the bike home thinking it to be the cheaper option, in reality, motorcycle transport is more likely to be the more affordable option when you take into account all the costs associated with a road trip. The best part of using a transport company is that you can avoid the hassle of having to fly to the seller’s location and spending time on the road and putting wear and tear on your Newly Purchased Motorcycle.  

How Much Does Newly Purchased Motorcycle Transport Cost?

Although the cost of shipping a motorcycle isn’t exactly cheap, it’s definitely more affordable than say shipping a car state to state. When we researched some of the best rated transport companies we found that the average cost of motorcycle transport ranged anywhere from $200$600, while transporting a vehicle that same distance can cost between $500 and $2,000.   

There are several factors which can affect the price of transport including the distance to be travelled, the season, and the type of transport method used (open carrier or enclosed ). Your shipment may cost more or less depending on these factors. 

The main takeaway here is that transporting your motorcycle will likely be cheaper than if you were to fly out and drive the motorcycle home yourself. When you consider the extra costs associated with lodging, gas, food and an airline ticket, you are more likely to overspend by a couple hundred dollars compared to if you had just shipped the motorcycle to start with. 

We always recommend getting multiple quotes from several different transport companies first before making a decision so you know you are getting the best rate. 

How To Ship A Motorcycle

Transporting a motorcycle when you can’t physically be present to hand it off to the transport company works in a similar way to how you would transport a car that you purchased a considerable distance away. It’s a fairly simple process and we can tell you how to do it in a few easy steps.  

  • Choosing A Motorcycle Transport Company

The first step is to decide on a motorcycle transport company that will be able to accommodate your scheduling needs, budget as well as your motorcycle. Some of our favorite transport companies that can ship motorcycles are:

  • Montway
  • AmeriFreight
  • We Will Transport It

As we mentioned before, you should thoroughly research each company and get quotes from multiple transport companies before making a decision. Some transport companies may offer a better rate depending on the route, so be sure to get multiple quotes in order to find the best rate available.  

How To Research Motorcycle Shipping Companies

Be sure to check each company’s website and the reviews customers have left on Google, Yelp, BBB etc. 

During your research, you should be asking these types of questions:

  • Is this a trustworthy company?
  • Do they offer fair pricing?
  • Have they consistently delivered motorcycles on time?
  • Do they have a good record of delivering motorcycles without damage?

Once you’ve done your research and found a few companies that are trustworthy, the next step is to request some quotes online or contact the transport company directly with your motorcycle shipping details.

  • Choosing A Transport Method

Just like with cars for transport, motorcycles are able to be shipped using either an open carrier or an enclosed transport method.  

What are the differences?

Enclosed Carrier

With an enclosed transport, your motorcycle is protected from the elements and harsh road conditions and debris that could potentially damage your motorcycle. This is the safest shipping method available for your motorcycle. This method of transport also tends to be significantly more expensive compared to an open transport and can also take longer for delivery. 

Since an enclosed trailer can transport more motorcycles at one time compared to an open transport, transport companies will typically wait until their trailer is full before sending the shipments off. If you happen to be one of the first people to schedule a motorcycle transport, you may have to wait a little while until the carrier receives more bookings. 

 Open Air Carrier

Open Air Trailers tend to be the more popular choice simply due to their lower cost and flexibility. The only downside however is that your motorcycle is exposed to the elements and other possible road debris or trash which could potentially damage your exposed motorcycle. Not only can open carriers get shipments out faster than an enclosed transport, there are many more open carriers on the road making prices significantly cheaper than enclosed carrier shipping. Just be sure to thoroughly document and take pictures of the motorcycle before shipment so you can make a claim if there are any new damages to your motorcycle when it arrives that have happened during the course of transport. 

Which type of transport method is best for you?

Provided you have enough room in your budget and you are able to book your transport far enough out in advance, enclosed shipping will always be your best choice. If you don’t have a luxury or antique motorcycle and need to get your bike shipped out quickly, you might be better off going with an open carrier transport.  

  • Be Sure To Coordinate Everything With The Seller

Since you won’t physically be there when the transport driver arrives at the seller’s location to make the pickup, you will need the seller to help you with this part. See if they would be willing to help you with this part as it isn’t too difficult. You may however want to pay them for their troubles and assistance with everything. At the very least, offer to leave them a positive review online. 

Before you have your motorcycle picked up…

The driver assigned to pick up your motorcycle will typically call you the day before to coordinate a pickup time that works for you. Be sure to confirm the day and time of your pickup and that the carrier knows your address and how to get there. leading motorcycle shipping company

On the day of pickup. – Newly Purchased Motorcycle

When the driver arrives to pick up your bike, he will do an inspection with you and document the current condition of the bike and any existing damage, dents, scratches, dings, etc. Be sure to take pictures as well of all sides of your motorcycle. If you agree on the report the driver makes, you can sign off on it and he can begin to load your bike onto the trailer. Once everything has been securely loaded, the driver will head out and the transport will commence. 

One other thing to remember is that some motorcycle transport companies are actually brokers meaning they will do all the legwork for you and help you secure a driver for your shipment and generally provide you the most options to choose from. Brokers don’t own their own trucks but have a large network of carriers you can choose from that will be able to accommodate your shipping and budget needs.   

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