Top-10 Most Hated Football Players

Football is the most popular game around the world, not just because of the blend of spices but largely due to fans. They are the foundation pillar of this game, as they not only treat this as a game but beyond that. Most football fans have portrayed different images of the players, some see them as role models, and others hate them. Hated Football Players-

The fans who hate the players are not just because of their low performance in the game, but also for the immorality, and other factors shown in the field or out the field including spitting on the fans’ face, indecent behavior with a referee, and many other reasons. This article comprises the top -10 most hated football players, so being a football fan, you must know about them. 

1) Neymar 

Neymar comes in the list of most expensive players; no doubt he is best in football skills and made his team win several titles. But his indecent behavior, arrogant nature, and selfish gameplay flush out his past gaming performance, and the fans hate him a lot. Many incidents prove the same, and one such is the heated argument with Dorival junior (Manager-Santos), and as a result, he (Dorival) quit the job. 

In the game field, his performance is outstanding, but he does not believe in teamwork, which gave him the label of selfish. Furthermore, this selfish nature disbalances the team equilibrium, which annoys co-players, and overall, fans get upset and start hating him.  

2) Joey Barton

The former English football player (midfielder) and a current manager of two clubs (Bristol Rovers and League Two) are also on the list of most hated footballers. In his professional life, controversies followed him on every step, for instance, banned from football due to betting charges, indecent behavior with team management, and others. 

Off the field, his immorality behavior gives thrust to the fans to hate him, as he was imprisoned for six months during 2008 due to his involvement in the crime. Joey also abused other players too in the social media platform. Furthermore, the height of his arrogance level can be witnessed through one incident, in which he crammed the cigarette into the eye of a young player. This one incident and many others pumped anger in the football fans, and they started hating him. 

3) Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular footballers in the world based by Sbobet ranking, but his inappropriate behavior with other team members and selfish nature dragged him on the list of most hated football players. Ronaldo’s prime intention is to get fame from this sport, and to get the same; he plays the selfish game to gain all the credits. But this move was not liked by the fans as football is a game of teamwork, so they started criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo.

4) Mario Balotelli

An Italian football player who made his team win UEFA Euro 2012, and other titles, too, with his smart, striking skill. Now, you may think, if he is that much of good in football, then why is he on the list of hated football players? Well, the prime reason is the player’s character, and even his club coach also said that it is hard to manage Mario. 

Mario’s time of action on anything is completely uncertain, and most of the football critics and fans do not like his stupid actions, childish behavior, fight with coaches, and others. 

5) Luis Suarez

In the list of the most hated football player and the unavailability of Luis Suarez is not possible. An Uruguay football player who has a long history of controversies on the field and off-field made the fans hate him. There are many events where he played the dirty games; one such is the World Cup quarterfinal match where he handled the ball at the last moment, intending to keep the Ghana team out of the semifinals. This incident made him the most hated footballer in the world.

Luis Suarez also bit the opponents, and overall, three such incidents were recorded that are really shameful in football history. Furthermore, he was also involved in racial discrimination activity, and due to the same, FA punished him.

6) Marco Materazzi

A former Italian football player who is well known for his dirty play and the fans saw the same in the 2006 World Cup final match between Italy and France. There was a point in the match where both the teams scored equal (1:1), and thereafter, the rift started between Marco and Zidane. The dirty game of Marco and verbal abuse to Zidane made the former at the top of the most hated footballer at that time. 

7) Sergio Ramos

Sergio is regarded as one of the most- dirty players of the Real Madrid club; his game of aggression gave him 26 red cards. In the game, he utilizes all the dirty tricks such as provoking, kicking and elbowing to the opponent to win the games. This kind of game was the main reason the public hated him so much.

8) Diego Costa

Diego Costa, a former Spanish football player, is known for his acrimonious temperament that made the football management impose restrictions on him. Furthermore, his game was very dirty as his intention to win the match without holding any bar brought many problems, and even club management punished him. All such incidents dragged Diego Costa in the list of the most hated footballer in the world.

9) Paola Di Canio

A former forward Italian footballer is best in his football skills, but his aggressive temperament and unethical behavior were disliked by the fans. In one incident, he hit the referee intentionally, which results in suspension in further matches. Paolo retains the fascist beliefs, and his views on the political agenda made the football fans hate him more.

10) Ashley Young

An English footballer who played for many major clubs and gave them various titles is also on the hated list. The reason is the foul game that he played many times, and the fans do not like such cheating in football. 

Bottom Line

Football is a game of morality and respect where each player has to retain the same, but some play offensive, ruthless, and dirty games that make the fans hate them. Additionally, it is not limited too, because there are some other factors as well responsible for making such footballers be disliked by the football fans.

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