The Most Spectacular Goals In Soccer History: Top 5

Agueroooooo! Unless you are a Manchester United fan that felt pain seeing your team lose the title to a rival, the iconic reaction of Peter Drury to Sergio Aguero’s 92-minute goal will send cold chills down your spine. That goal saw City win their first trophy in 40 years, bringing immense joy to fans of the English club and football fans in general. That’s just one of those moments that the amazing sport has provided, and there are countless more. Since its existence, football has seen legendary goals that defied the laws of physics, moments that made grown men cry, and reactions pure as the driven snow. Goals In Soccer History-

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This article will show you five of the most spectacular goals that soccer has seen and, yes, some honorable mentions that couldn’t make it to our list.

The Most Spectacular Goals in Soccer’s History

For a goal to be spectacular, it should be technically apt, beautiful, and have some form of influence. Let’s take a look at some goals that have these traits.

  • Lionel Messi vs. Getafe 

It doesn’t matter what opposing opinion anyone might have, Lionel Messi has cemented his position as one of the greatest soccer players ever. For players with the most goals in soccer, Messi sits third on that list, but he isn’t only good at scoring goals – he’s good at scoring beautiful goals too.

In 2007, Lionel Messi scored one of soccer’s most iconic goals when he dribbled over 4 Getafe players, covered over 50 yards, and rounded the keeper before scoring. The goal introduced Messi to the world and propelled him to stardom.

The sheer skill and ability of the 19-year-old earn him a spot on our list today. The goal was hailed for its similarity with a Maradona goal scored two decades before. Messi has gone on to score many more beautiful goals, and holds the Barcelona record for most goals scored in a game.

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  • Zlatan Ibrahimović vs. England

Many might argue that overhead and bicycle kicks in soccer are products of luck rather than skill. However, when a player has scored several astonishing overhead kicks and bicycle kick goals in his career, one begins to question the veracity of that theory.

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a very proud player, and if we are being honest, he has the right to be. For starters, he can retire today and still be on the list of players who scored the most goals in soccer. Also, the 40-year-old has scored so many spectacular goals in the span of his career. His 2012 overhead kick against England makes our list today.

After a failed Sweden counterattack ended with a Joe Hart headed clearance, Ibrahimović decided to take his chance from 30 yards with an overhead kick. He eventually netted the best goal of the year and won a Puskas award for his effort.

  • Diego Maradona vs. England

Maradona was one of soccer’s greatest players. The late Argentine was and will forever be an icon and inspiration to millions of soccer lovers around the globe.

One of the moments that made the world appreciate him was his historic goal against England in the 1986 World Cup. Similar to that of his protege, Messi, the former Napoli icon dribbled 4 English players before rounding the keeper and scoring. The goal propelled Argentina to go on and win the World cup, with Diego Maradona winning the prestigious player of the tournament award.

  • Roberto Carlos vs. France

To put it in simple terms, Roberto Carlos could be the greatest left-back in soccer history. His defensive attributes were apt for a defender, and his attacking prowess could match that of many attackers today. If you ask for proof, watch the Brazil game against France in 1997 that saw Carlos score one of the most outrageous free-kicks ever. 

This was one of those goals that simply defied the laws of physics. The curved strike left Fabian Barthez pinned to the spot as he watched the strike blaze past him. Most goals in soccer game, especially free-kicks, usually have a direct projectile or a bit of curve, but Carlos’ goal was different and physically impossible until he scored it.

  • David Beckham vs. Greece

Not all heroes wear capes; some wear boots and score goals that qualify their country for the World Cup. In 2002, David Beckham erupted at Wembley when his 30 yards free-kick saw a struggling England qualify for the 2002 World Cup. 

David Beckham became an English legend that day. That is not the most technically gifted goal out there, but its influence is why it’s on our list. 


  • Rivaldo vs. Valencia

There’s no more exhilarating than scoring a goal when your team needs it the most. It’s more thrilling when it goes down as one of the most significant goals in the sport’s history.

Barcelona needed a win to qualify for the Champions League the next season. The game was a few minutes to its end before Rivaldo scored a thunderous bicycle kick from outside the 18-yard box. He didn’t care about the 10 Valencia defenders that surrounded him – the Brazilian jumped and gave Barcelona fans something huge to cheer for.

Honorable Mentions

While the following strikes could not make our list for the top 5 goals in soccer history, they are still significant and deserve mention.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Juventus: The player who has the most goals in soccer history scored one of the Champions League goal best goals. Even the opposition fans gave him a standing ovation. Ronaldo is also regarded as officially the player who has the most goals in soccer history.
  • Sergio Aguero vs. Manchester City: This was unlike most goals in soccer games. It literally broke a 40-year curse.

The Bottom Line

There have been so many great goals in football, and fixing them into a 5 point list was a daunting task. Some legendary stars might probably be left out, but this is not a question of who scored the most goals in soccer or the most goals scored in a soccer game – it’s about the quality and importance of the goals scored.


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