How To Take Care Of Your EV Car Battery

Like other car parts, the battery packs that power an electric vehicle (EV) will wear out and require replacement or servicing over time. In fact, the way you charge and drive your EV Car Battery may affect its battery lifespan and performance.

However, while an EV battery may not be able to hold a complete charge, you can guarantee that it’ll still function, but it might lose its full capacity in the long run. There are various ways to care of your EV battery and help slow its wear and tear. Read the following tips:

1.Use Almost All Of The EV Battery

Most EV owners fear running out of battery power, so they recharge the battery as often as possible daily. However, it’s never a good idea if you want to maintain your EV battery’s condition.

Whether you’re charging EV from solar panels or an at-home EV charger, it’s wise to use up the EV battery before recharging it. Once you do this, you reduce the number of charge cycles it goes through, prolonging its lifespan.

2.Avoid Fast Or Rapid Charging

Rapid or fast charging is ideal when you need to charge your EV battery quickly, especially if you’re only stopping between meetings or you’re on a long trip. While there’s nothing wrong with using rapid chargers, continued use may degrade the battery faster than a slow charge.

To avoid battery degradation, consider an EV charging installation in your home and charge your EV slowly overnight as it’s much better for your battery’s health.

3.Pay Attention To Your Parking Spot

While getting the best spot right in front of a building can be tempting, you should keep your EV battery in mind when choosing a parking area. Parking in a hot area may affect the EV’s battery capacity. Extreme heat is the primary enemy of any lithium-ion battery, which is why some EVs have liquid-cooled battery packs.

Moreover, older EVs with short operating ranges may result in quick deterioration. It’s because draining all or most of the battery’s charge reduces its capacity quickly. So, if possible, always opt for a place with some shade covering.

4.Full Charge Your EV Battery For Long Trips Only

There are cases that you’ll need a full battery for your long trips. Charging the car until it is full doesn’t degrade the EV battery unless you’ll keep it at 100% all the time. So, whenever possible, charge your EV battery to 100% if you only need it. 

Many electric vehicles have in-built navigation that will tell if you can reach your destination with the current state of charge. You may use Google Maps when planning to know whether or not you need to charge your EV fully.

5.Keep Your EV Battery Cozy

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It may sound silly, but keeping your EV battery cozy may come in handy during the winter season. Ensure that your EV is parked in your garage and plugged in. This way, your EV battery’s thermal management system can do its part in keeping the battery comfortably.

Depending on your EV model or brand, other EVs will automatically run their thermal management system even if the car isn’t plugged in. This is why it’s essential to know your EV battery’s features and capabilities to make the most out of it.

6.Don’t Adopt A Sporty Driving Style

An EV battery is made to last for a particular number of charging cycles. One cycle is equivalent to a full discharging and charging process. Generally, lithium-ion batteries may last for up to 1500 cycles. The more you drive your EV like a sports car, the sooner you’ll have to recharge it. This may also reduce your EV battery’s lifespan over time.

Some EVs are equipped with features like eco mode, which allows you to drive in a more economical attitude. Driving in eco mode isn’t only advantageous for your EV battery, but it’s also an excellent way to minimize the costs as you won’t have to top up your vehicle often.

7.Control Optimal Battery State Of Charge During Long Storage

EVs stored or parked with a full or an empty battery can result in battery degradation. If you don’t use your EV often or have long trips, use a timed charger and plug in your EV. Leaving your car fully charged while stored for an extended period can lead to its battery struggling in preserving its state of charge while you’re away.

When storing your electric cars for a long time, the best strategy is to keep their charge above the low mark. For instance, you can opt for an average level between 25% and 75%.


There’s no perfect formula to keep your EV battery in tiptop condition forever. However, if you know how to take care of it, you’ll be able to optimize and expand its lifespan. So, make sure to adopt proper driving and charging practices to maintain your EV battery’s good condition.

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