Protect Your Truck From Unwanted Winter Damage

Mother Nature does her best in the winter to throw drivers off their game. Snow and ice make it more difficult to navigate on the road. The risk of damage to your truck increases exponentially, depending on how much time you spend driving around. Here are a few ways to protect your truck from all kinds of winter damage. A favorite tool for preventing dents is a Black Horse grille guard.

Watch Out For Debris

When you’re out on the road, avoid debris that can scratch your truck. Easier said than done in some places. You should also be wary of driving through deep snow. You may not be worried about getting stranded, but you don’t know what is under that snow. If you’re off-road, there may not be enough support under the snow to hold up your truck. Packed snow can damage your exhaust system.

Invest In A Grille Guard

Truck bumper guards are one way to protect your paint job from scratches and dings. Although these bumper guards won’t protect against rust and salt, they will reduce some of the risks on winter roads. Bumper and grille guards offer extra protection against debris on the side of the road. When you’re ordering bumper guards, pick up some emergency supplies that will help you in winter. A shovel and bag of sand can help you get out of a sticky situation. An extra blanket can help you stay warm if you do get stuck. Include a flashlight with fresh batteries and an extra pair of work gloves to be ready for other emergencies.

Clean Your Truck

Road salt can damage your truck. When the temperatures cooperate, wash your truck to take care of it and prevent unnecessary corrosion. Don’t forget about your truck’s interior. The dirt and grime from your shoes get all over the floor of your truck. Use rubber floormats that can be taken out of the truck and washed off periodically.

Drive Smart

While you could just park your truck in the winter to avoid any damage, there’s no fun in that. If you are doing to take your trucks out, make sure you slow down and use your best judgment. Install winter tires for better traction and braking. Maintain safe speeds for the conditions. Leave plenty of room for stopping. Take large puddles with caution, because you don’t know what’s lurking underneath. Your truck may be may powerful than any car in the snow, but it’s not invulnerable.

Cold Temperatures Aren’t Great For Any Vehicle

The winter temperatures aren’t good for your trucks. Even if you can park under a carport or in a garage, give your truck a chance to warm up on cold mornings and to let the oil move through the engine. It’s also a good idea to have your battery checked up before winter to make sure it is going to handle the added cold. Shop for a Westin HDX grille guard and other winter accessories to keep your truck in peak condition through the winter.

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