5 Safety Tips for Hiking With Kids

Taking your children on a hiking trip to experience the beauty of nature can be a great bonding activity. Most kids love exploring the great wilderness as it enables them to learn new things and get creative. As parents, we must do our best to keep them safe during these outdoor adventures. Here are five essential safety tips Hiking With Kids to help ensure your kids’ safety while on the trail. 

Study the trail- Hiking With Kids

Before embarking on your hiking adventure, make sure you research everything about the trail. Read online terrain reviews, examine the trail guides, and check its difficulty level. Choose a course that caters to everyone participating. It would be best for the first few hikes if you pick an easy, kid-friendly, and feature-rich trail instead of something strenuous. Remember that children are curious explorers, and for them, the hike is more about the experience than the destination. 

Gear up for safety

Match your clothing with your destination and the current climate. Check the weather advisories so you can plan your hiking clothes accordingly. Dress your little ones with an extra layer of clothing if you plan to hike in the mountains. Choose bright color pieces so that your kids will be more visible. Bring a change of clothes for each of them and remember to pack rain clothes, even if there’s only a remote possibility of rain. While sneakers are acceptable for some terrain, your little ones will be more comfortable walking wearing hiking boots. If you are hiking with small children, consider using comfortable baby carriers to make the hike more manageable for you and your little ones. 

Bring a well-replenished first-aid kit

Make sure you bring several first-aid kits and don’t forget to pack your kids’ medications. Ideally, your kit should include an antibacterial ointment, painkillers, thermometer, tweezers, gauze, antihistamine, bandages, and tape to close wounds. If possible, have each child bring a small backpack containing some of these essentials, a few snacks, water, and extra clothing. Everyone should also carry or wear a whistle in case of emergencies. Make it a point to get certified in First Aid and CPR learn some of the essential first aid skills such as CPR, setting a splint, treating burns, stopping a bleed, performing Heimlich maneuver, taking care of a sprain, and spotting a concussion.  

Educate your children on the basic safety rules

Before your trip, teach your children about the safety rules when hiking. Educate them on how to properly use the first aid kit, what to do if they get lost or encounter a wild animal, how and when to use the emergency whistle, and how to behave during the hike. You should also stress the importance of leaving no trace behind and respecting the natural environment. 

Stock up on food and water

When hiking, especially with little ones, it is always recommended to bring more than what you think you’ll need. Pack plenty of easy-to-eat healthy snacks, and remember to carry lots of water. Watch out for signs of dehydration in kids and ensure that everyone is well-hydrated throughout your hike.  

Exploring and enjoying nature with your children need not be complicated. With proper planning and following these tips, you can make your hike trip a memorable family experience. 

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