Using Coupons to Save Money In Dubai

Today, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations. More than 700,000 compatriots visited the country in 2019, according to the official press release of Dubai’s “Dubai Media Office”. Not only is the UAE known for exciting excursions, but it’s also an ideal place for diverse shopping and also Save Money In Dubai.

Five important and necessary tips to improve shopping efficiency in Dubai- Save Money In Dubai


  • Go shopping in Dubai in the middle of the month. At the beginning and end of each month, local residents receive a salary, which they go to consume immediately. Therefore, it will be crowded in shopping malls and markets.
  • In Dubai, it is not customary to display everything. So if you like something, be sure to check if other sizes, colors are available.
  • Don’t be in a rush to keep all your money in one mall or one boutique. Combine business with pleasure (you’re on vacation!): Walk around the market, visit a few malls, and see the prices. Then come back to buy your favorite things or souvenirs.
  • In order to reduce the price of goods, otherwise bargaining can only be paid in cash. So when you go to the market, change the money. Try to laugh a little more – that way you can win over the Arabs.
  • Be wary when buying electronics, documents must be stamped.


Calendar of festivals and sales in Dubai in 2022- Save Money In Dubai


Best to go to Dubai during sales and festivals. So you can save a lot with noon code coupons. Here are the most popular options:


  • The 26th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival Winter Shopping Festival will be held from December 15, 2021 to January 29, 2022.
  • Sales of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections: March 2022 and August 2022 to September 2022, respectively.
  • “3 Day Super Sale” – 90% off worldwide. The three-day super sale is scheduled for May and October.
  • The sale on well-known international brands will take place in June.
  • The Dubai Summer Surprise starts on July 9 and runs through September.
  • The final sale of 2022 will take place from December 5th to 25th! good luck.


What are the coupons?


Coupons are promotions that offer discounts on goods and services. With coupons, it’s easy to test new places and save on entertainment for families and big companies.


Often, coupons can be compared to promotions in stores. That is, you buy a product or service at a discount of the original price, sometimes as much as 50-70%.


Coupons are different from simple promotions, you need to find/buy, enter in a special field when buying online or show to seller, waiter at reception.


What to buy in Dubai with coupons?


A housewife and a fashionista, a man and a fair sex, an art connoisseur and an antique collector, a Muslim and an Orthodox, will all buy for him. Unique souvenirs, the best designer clothes in the world, special coffees, authentic oriental rugs and new electronics – you won’t find anything in pristine Dubai.


We’ll tell you which smart purchases you should make with coupons, you should spend less in Dubai, we’ll suggest the best malls, shops and markets in the city, and we’ll discuss VAT returns. go!



Jewellery is the most popular commodity in Dubai. Tourists from different countries come here, be it the UK, China or Russia. Why is Dubai gold and Arabian jewellery so appealing in general?


High quality, attractive appearance and affordable price – that’s the answer. Few people know, but Dubai Gold is just one material created “under the precious metal”. However, “gold” earrings and bracelets are no different from 100% gold items: they are also resistant to seawater and sunlight, and will not oxidize or corrode. This jewelry can be purchased in specialty and retail stores. For example, at the family business Khushi Jewelers, the jewelry store Zaiba Jewels or the Dubai Gold Souk.


Perfumes and Incense


Oh, these Arabian perfumes – musk, incense, jasmine, amber – have been winning the hearts of people from all over the world since the 13th century. Oriental perfume is different from European perfume – it consists of a mixture of aromatic oils (in Arabic “attar” – aroma) and it does not contain alcohol. 


Good advice: Apply oriental perfume to your skin, oil stains may remain on your clothes. Attars are made entirely from natural plants and flowers. Due to the high concentration of vanilla, Arabica water is consumed drop by drop.


In Dubai, there is an outstanding service – personalized fragrances. What does it mean? Local perfumers first listen to your wishes and preferences and then create a special fragrance that no one else for sure! You can only find this at market stalls. These stores sell perfumes from the most famous brands: Chanel, Crocodile, Dior, etc.


Pillows and carpets


Local rugs are world-renowned for their excellent tailoring. They are factory and hand sewn. Textiles are noble and varied – bright, dense and durable. Imagine, among other things, that you can see a special triangular pad with sand in it that keeps the door open. For the hot UAE, the beautiful and soft backwaters are a real salvation. Do you want one like this?


Tobacco, hookahs, pipes


Smoking in the UAE is permissive – cigarettes are inexpensive and the smoking rules are mild. So finding and buying a pipe or hookah shouldn’t be a problem.


Pipes made of clay and wood were called “miduakh”, and according to their status, they were usually smoked by chiefs (Sultan – hookah). Each pipe is handcrafted for a sophisticated look. They are sold in supermarkets and retail stores.


Where to buy in Dubai?


If your goal isn’t the Burj Khalifa skyscraper or the Persian Gulf, but thorough shopping, stock up on (good memory) paper and pen or take a screenshot. Don’t lose the name of the store and the name of the region – it will save you time and effort.


The most popular areas for shopping among tourists:


  • Deira District (Banias and Nasser Square)
  • Bar-Dubai area
  • Al Maktoum Hospital Street
  • Dyyafa street
  • Sabha Street
  • Naif Street
  • Al Fahidi Street
  • Al-Karama district
  • Rick Road

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