Bring More Business to Your Apartments With an EV Charging Installation

The world is going green and clean-powered, eco-friendly electric cars are taking over the automotive industry.  A significant boost to this trend catching on has been the government offering financial incentives for customers buying electric vehicles through the zero-emission vehicles program. As such, big car manufacturing companies like BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes are all setting timelines by when they should stop producing cars with combustion engines. EV Charging Installation-

But as much as the trend is catching on, the number of public charging stations has not grown simultaneously with electric vehicle purchases. 

While this could seem a problem for many, for apartment building owners, this presents a great opportunity for them to attract more business by installing an EV Charging Installation at their facility. 

Understanding EV Charging and How it Works

Understandably so, one of the biggest concerns for people looking to buy EVs is knowing where and when to charge their car. Let’s break everything down. 

For you to charge your EV, you’re going to need an EV charger. An EV charger charges your battery just like you would any chargeable gadget. The EV charger pulls electric current from the grid to which it’s hardwired and to your EV’s battery.

However, note that not every charger will charge all-electric cars. Different cars have different connectors but you can find adaptors to make your car compatible with your car’s charging port.  

You may choose to provide the station free of charge or use it to generate extra income from your tenants by incorporating technology that will allow you to control output and charging times. 


Benefits You Can Expect from Installing an EV Charging Station at Your Facility

  1. Receive Electric Car Rebate

Among the financial incentives the government provides for EV owners, include electric car rebate programs for buying and installing EV charging equipment.   

While the rebates may differ with state, multi-family buildings installing electric car installation points can receive a tax credit of up to $30,000. This will reduce the total cost of homeownership for many Americans while putting the country on the road to a more sustainable future. 

  1. Attract EV Driving Customers

Installing an EV charging station will help you attract drivers of electric cars to your business. EV owners find it inconvenient going to a charging facility. But by installing charging infrastructure at your facility, EV owners will find your business a lot more attractive. 

You will also be highly likely to retain your customers since there aren’t that many charging stations around.    

  1. Increase the Value of Your Property

Installing an electric charging station at your parking facility will increase your property value significantly since not only will EV owners find it practical to buy from you, your property will also be in high demand in light of the limited number of charging stations. 

Winding It Up 

The average driver has probably spent their life driving gas-powered vehicles and filling up at one of the many gas stations by the roads. However, with the rEVolution happening in the automotive industry, your business will generate more appeal if you decide to install an EV station on your property as a service.

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