Top Performance Upgrades Available For A BMW

Are you a car enthusiast looking to upgrade the performance of your BMW car? As you seek to transform your car, look to BMW M performance parts that add durability and power. By making these factors a priority, you’ll stand to maximize your car’s performance and make your investment worthwhile.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “With the right upgrades, your BMW will perform like no other model can.” When you obtain top performance upgrades, you’ll be able to customize your car exactly the way you want it.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the top performance upgrades for a BMW and how they can benefit you.

Oil Catch Can Kits

One great way you can upgrade your BMW’s performance is with an oil catch can kit. This kit has all the tools you need to reduce the oil build-up in your engine bay. With the breather hose, you won’t need to make extra modifications for installation. You may need to drill a hole in your engine bay to install the check value inside.

By investing in an oil catch can kit, you can trap any blow-by oils that can harm your engine. Your BMW engine will also be able to run clean and maximize its performance.

Air Intake Systems

You can increase your BMW’s performance with a new air intake system. A cold intake kit helps your BMW’s motor breathe deeper and cleaner air. By adding an approved carbon-free filter, you can use the intake for street use in every US state.

The best part is that installation is easy and doesn’t require you to modify your car. When you improve the airflow of your BMW, you’ll also be able to improve its overall performance.

Performance Chips

One of the best BMW M performance parts you can add is a new performance chip. These chips come with many maps to choose from that help bring you optimal engine performance.

Here are three of these best attributes your BMW stands to gain with a new performance chip:

  • Higher levels of horsepower and torque
  • Max fuel efficiency
  • Top-level throttle response

There are many plug-and-play devices you can add easily to obtain the best flexibility. When you invest in a new chip, your BMW stands to reach a performance level no other model can match.

Suspension Upgrades

You can also improve your car’s performance and comfort with the right suspension upgrades. When you opt for these upgrades, you’ll see your car’s stock struts and shocks getting direct replacements. 

Here are the top benefits you’ll stand to gain when you upgrade your suspension systems:

  • Adjustable ride height
  • Compression
  • Rebound dampening settings

Options like these allow you to fine-tune your car to levels that best meet your needs. You also can choose systems that suit your daily driving needs or one that gives you the best on-track performance. Regardless, look to suspension upgrades that will best suit your everyday needs.  If you are trying to find the best air suspension brand for your truck or car, check out as they have a pretty cool guide labeled best air ride suspension kit that provides a detailed guide on what air ride suspension kit brands are available.

Brake Pads

Performance brake pads can also bring your BMW great benefits. These pads provide your car with higher stopping power along with fade resistance. They also offer a more responsive pedal feel that helps you stop your car safer and faster.

You can perform these actions while reducing brake dust and extending your pad’s lifetime. If you’re looking for great ways to enhance your car’s braking system, performance brake pads can help your cause.

Wheels and Tires

Beef up the look and performance of your car with new wheels and tires. You’re also able to upgrade to 17″, 18″, or even 19″ wheels with the right amount of offset and width. The best part about this is you won’t need to change out suspension components.

With these measurements, you can maintain the correct geometry and alignment angles while maintaining the perfect look. Big, wide wheels and tires can also bring you better performance on the track or street. They can even improve your braking, handling, and traction capacities.

If you want to enhance your BMW’s performance, changing out your wheels and tires can do you wonders.

Choose BMW M Performance Parts That Bring You The Best Production

As you seek BMW M performance parts for your car, look to make power and productivity a priority. Like CarBahn Autoworks would advise, “Seek upgrades that help make your car durable and efficient.” With top-quality performance upgrades, your investment in BMW parts will be worthwhile.

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