Dangerous Two Wheels: 8 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be fun. The power that a motorcycle emits when it roars to life takes the thrill to another level. Most adrenaline junkies who get their thrill from speed get their dose from riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, one wrong turn or mistiming can change the thrill to a life-threatening or life-changing situation or Motorcycle Accidents.

However, not all motorcycle accidents are caused by the recklessness of motorcyclists, but by the negligence of other road users or even defective parts. In such instances, the motorcyclist can claim damages with the help of personal injury lawyers. You can click to read to get free consultation from accident lawyers.

 Here are some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents:

1. Overspeeding 

This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. People speed off for different reasons apart from getting the thrill. An overspeeding motorcyclist doesn’t offer a motorist enough chance to react to avoid a collision. The impact of such collisions is usually high and the consequences are quite extensive as they end up in severe injuries or fatalities.

2. Car Doors

Some motorcycle accidents, although common, happen in unexpected situations. A driver not seeing an oncoming motorcycle can open the door of a parked car, which will stand in the way of the motorcycle. This results in the motorcyclist ramming into the car door. The effect can be significant, depending on the speed of the motorcycle.  

3. Car Left Hand Turns

Some motorcycle accidents are never the fault of motorcyclists, but of motorists. Most motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Some motorists make left hand turns, oblivious of oncoming motorcycles.

Situations occur where a car suddenly makes a left hand turn, thus, being in the direct path of an oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle is usually behind or trying to overtake the car, and never has enough chance to avoid a collision. Motorists claim that they either didn’t see the motorcycle, or misjudged the distance or speed.

4. Riding Under The Influence Of Alcohol

A good number of motorcycle accidents occur when a motorcycle is operated by a person who’s under the influence of alcohol. In such a state, a person can’t make sound decisions because of impaired judgement. A motorcycle can suddenly turn into a ‘lethal machine’ if left in the hands of a person with a diminished sense of judgement. Such acts are criminal in nature and are punishable under the law. Furthermore, such accidents can end up in fatalities.

5. Riding Too Close Behind A Car

Rear end accidents happen when a motorcyclist is riding too close behind a car that makes a sudden stop. Riders, unlike motorists who’re caged, are more exposed, and, therefore, suffer severe injuries in accidents. In such instances, motorcyclists that tailgate cars ram into stationary cars. The results can be very devastating, such as fatalities or severe permanent injuries, if the rider is lucky.

6. Inexperience

Inexperienced motorists and motorcyclists alike are more likely to cause accidents. Their inexperience doesn’t allow them to make the right judgement. Some inexperienced drivers cause accidents by doing things like lane splitting or switching lanes dangerously. Some have no knowledge of the general road rules, laws, and regulations, thereby compromising the safety of other road users.   

7. Bad Road Conditions

Motorcycles have less stability compared to cars. Bad roads due to loose gravel, debris, potholes, or even mud due to poor weather conditions cause motorcyclists to lose control, causing innumerable motorcycle accidents. Bad weather can change the terrain even on familiar roads. Lack of necessary warnings also plays a role. For instance, motorists can find themselves in a ditch that was dug for a certain purpose, but no warning was given to alert them. These are situations that can be avoided.

8. Defective Motorcycle Parts

Some motorcycles come with manufacturers’ defects, which sometimes aren’t detected on time. Motorcycle accidents happen due to defects in brakes, which prevent the motorcycle from stopping or slowing down as required, tires that blow out or skid, fuel systems that cause motorcycles to burst into flames, or even poor designs that make it hard to control the motorcycle. Unfortunately, defective motorcycle parts are sometimes detected when the motorcycle has caused serious injuries or even death.


Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, like brain damage, issues with the spinal cord, broken bones, or even severe burns. These conditions can completely change the quality of one’s life, requiring a lifetime of dependency, treatment, and medication. The cost aspect can also be astronomical.

Before you mount on that lethal machine, make sure that you’re adorning the necessary gear and are in the right state of mind. Even though all road users have a duty of care to one another, always remember that you’re responsible for your own safety. 


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