Your Guide to Prescription Sunglasses – When Fashion Meets Vision

Do you opt for sunglasses over prescription glasses while regularly wearing eyeglasses for vision correction? Then you are not the only one, for there are many like you out there who simply buy sunglasses off the shelf without any prescription. But whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism, you cannot just choose any pair of sunglasses. Perhaps, you will require prescription sunglasses that will provide you with sharp and comfortable vision outdoors. And here is why you might want to rethink your choice and Fashion Meets Vision.

If you generally wear contact lenses with a pair of non-prescription sunglasses, there will always be days when a lens would not be a suitable option for you. Seek Optics is an excellent supplier in replacement lenses as they are UV protected, the same material as the original, and allows you to reuse them efficiently.

your day at the beach, with the wind blowing, sand flying into your face, the sun is blazing, and the waves are spraying saltwater. Your lens may not be able to battle these elements, and it may cause you discomfort if they dry out or become gritty. Moreso, prescription glasses will allow you to enjoy your outdoor time while giving you the perfect vision.

Say no to squinting eyes and poor quality vision because, in this article, we will be changing your vision towards prescription glasses for good. Remember, squinting strains your eyes and is not the perfect solution for driving or walking on a sunny day. So if you still have not got convinced why prescription glasses are the perfect choice for you, read on.

Benefits of wearing prescription Sunglasses- Fashion Meets Vision

We know a lot of people who prefer wearing contact lenses and pair them with non-prescription sunglasses. But we would like to open you up to the possibilities where contact lenses may not be the ideal solution. It may be for whatever reason, either you forget to wear them, or it is the allergy season, or you ran out of contacts.

Now imagine that you have worn your regular prescription glasses on your outing on a bright sunny day where the sun’s light is making you squint your eyes. You try to cover your eyes with your hands and silently wish for a better solution while your arms get tired, and you do the unthinkable. That is to put your non-prescription sunglasses over your prescription eyewear. Now that is a terrible idea, for it not only is extremely uncomfortable but also hurts the bridge of your nose. This is the time where prescription sunglasses would be your knight in shining armour.

And with this, we are here with a few benefits of having a pair of prescription sunglasses that are made just for you:

  • No more squinting eyes under the sun.

If you spend your time outdoors and wish for a clear and crisp vision in bright daylight, prescription glasses are the ideal solution for you. It is created specifically to address your vision correction needs, and you can have your lenses made in the sunglass tint you prefer. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, prescription sunglasses can correct and enhance your vision when the sun is shining upon you.

  • Say goodbye to the glare-

Some people are more sensitive to the glare than to the brightness of the sun. A polarized prescription lens is an ideal solution for them, as it neutralizes blinding glare. This means hassle-free days at the beach or behind the wheels or enjoying your favourite outdoor sport or activity.

  • Prevents the signs of ageing-

When you squint your eyes in the bright light, you bunch the delicate skin around your eyes. This may cause premature development of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. However, a pair of prescription sunglasses not only protects you from sun exposure but also helps to maintain a more youthful appearance.

  • UV protection-

Whichever colour or style you choose, your prescription sunglasses will give you 100% UV rays protection. This is because sunglasses have been known to extend the benefits of UV protection to the skin around your eyes whilst it prevents sunburns and premature ageing of the delicate skin in the eye area.

  • Lens option to suit your lifestyle-

When you choose prescription sunglasses made especially for you, you can choose your lenses’ specific material and treatment. For instance, Polycarbonate is an ideal choice if you lead an active lifestyle and play outdoor sports as these lens types are impact resistant.

  • Multiple problems, one solution-

Every day is not necessarily the contact lens day, for there may be times when you have allergies, you may not have slept enough, etc., and your eyes need a break from them. However, the sun’s rays are going to be all year round, even on cloudy days, so no matter what, every day is an ideal day to wear your sunglasses.

Hence for multiple problems, you have one perfect solution, i.e. a pair of prescription sunglasses that give you the perfect vision and function effectively.

When fashion meets vision!

Now that we have walked you through the benefits of having a pair of prescription sunglasses, we are sure you are rethinking your choice. The next question that may be lined up in your head would be: which is the best place to shop for prescription glasses online? Well, don’t worry, we have got your back.

With a pair of prescription sunglasses with you, you are all set to frolick fashionably while seeing clearly. Yes! You heard it right, and fashion meets vision because these prescription glasses, as you might have thought to be ugly looking, perhaps, come in different styles from vintage to classic aviators. It is the perfect accessory to up your OOTD game whilst having a hassle-free day with clear vision.

More so, these prescription sunglasses come in a range of designer and non-designer options, thereby covering both ends of the spectrum. While there are a lot of companies providing these products, there is one such company, namely Designer Optics, that beats the competition with its great pricing, enormous selection (from nearly 250 top designer brands), excellent user experience, and unbeatable prescription optics.

When we say designer, please do not be under the misconception of it being uber costly, for this company is literally the best of both worlds, as it offers designer eyewear at the lowest possible prices. It is the best place for you to get a pair of designer prescription sunglasses at the most affordable price.

So what are you thinking? You can shop online by visiting their website or give their Blog a read to know more about them and the products they have to offer.

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