Benefits of technology in education

Leaving the conventional methods of working, everything has evolved a lot. All the professions and work has now got modern, and advanced. And the credit for this growth goes to the advancement and developments of science and technology.  Our education system has evolved the teaching and learning experiences. Now teachers and students have become more efficient in their work and are accomplishing their goals and objectives better with the help of technological advancements. Now let us discuss the benefits of technology in education. 

6 benefits of technology in education. 

1. Make learning fun in classrooms 

Many students don’t enjoy learning well from textbooks and guides. The printed letters, so many pages make students less interested in learning. Also, listening to the explanations of the teachers from the same textbooks is not enjoyed by students very much. But with the help of technology, learning has become fun-filled for students. Now teachers can teach lessons with the help of games, puzzles, riddles, and quizzes. This game-based learning is very enjoyed by students. 

2. More  ways for assessment 

In a traditional classroom, for assessing students’ knowledge the most common way is written exams. Teachers conduct written examinations for learners from time to time. These written exams are lengthy and quite time-consuming and hence students fear these exams a lot. But by using technology in education, the assessment is no longer limited to written exams only.

 Now teachers can examine students’ knowledge in many different and innovative ways. For example, you can ask the students to make a presentation on the test syllabus and submit it to the teachers. You can also take quizzes on the lessons for tests. These quizzes can be filled by students and can get instant results too. By using LMS portals, teachers can effectively record the exam scores without any manual checking. This way students enjoy the assessment process and score well too. 

3. More  educational resources 

With the growing technology, educational resources have also increased. Earlier, other than textbooks, students used to buy reference books, guides or used to visit libraries to access more study material. Teachers also had limited resources to teach and sometimes faced difficulties in providing a quality education too. But with the growth in educational technology, teaching, and learning resources have expanded. Ebooks and educational apps serve this purpose. Along with that, there are many networking sites available to have notes, practice questions, exercises, and visual explanations on all the academic subjects. 

4. Increases engagement in classrooms 

Every teacher aims to have a class where students are more engaged and participative. The more students participate, the better they understand and more is the teaching and learning success. But as we discussed, the conventional methods of education are not very engaging. But with the help of technical tools, and the process of visualization, overall classroom engagement is increased. When teachers teach with the help of audiovisual aids such as modules, presentations, visual notes, graphs, educational videos, and picture cards, students understand better. 

5. Better communication among teachers and students – Benefits of technology

Earlier when students faced doubt while learning, they had to wait for their next class to meet the teachers and get their doubts cleared from them. This slows down the learning process and affects the understanding level of the students too. 

But with the help of technology, the communication between teachers and students has improved to a great extent. Instant messaging, emails, and via educational apps, students can stay connected with teachers for more time. Whenever they face any difficulty they can ask their teachers online. Teachers can also keep students notified about all the learning and other activities. By using ERP, teachers can now stay better connected with parents as well. 

6. Learning becomes personalized 

Sometimes, students are not able to cope up well with the teaching speed of the teachers. But with the help of technology, now students can access several learning resources 24×7. They can study whenever they want that at their own, comfortable pace. This helps students to understand better. With better understanding, students can perform better in classes and their overall academic performance is also increased rapidly. 


By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out that with the growth of technology, our education system has evolved a lot. Now teachers and learners have more resources to better teach and learn respectively. Communication, collaboration, participation, understanding, and academic performance all are increased this way.

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