A Beginner’s Guide To Football Betting

The world’s most famous sport, soccer, has transformed its popularity into sports wagering markets. Since multiple leagues and betting sites, such as football (แทงบอล), offer different rules and regulations, it’s essential to understand the difference. Keep yourself informed with this brief Guide To Football Betting on the basics of wagering on soccer. 

Wagering The Soccer Money Line- Guide To Football Betting

Unlike conventional sports, you will be given three options: 3-way Moneyline to some when trying to wager on soccer.

In a 3-way Money line, you are provided with a choice between three Money line outcomes:

  • Home team wins
  • The game ends a draw
  • Away team wins

These bets are won by predicting the correct result of a 90-minute soccer match. Other fixtures in a soccer game include extra-time and penalty shootouts, but these will be excluded from your Money line bet.

When placing a Money line bet, you are presented with the choice of predicting which team will win outright, but if the match ends in a draw, your Money line will lose. But if the bet you made was on the draw, you bet will win.

Betting on the draw will give you more money odds since this outcome is the unlikeliest of the three Money line possibilities.

The major Money line option of wagering on the winner is not different from other sports. One team will get to the game as a favorite, and the other squad will be the underdog. However, all three Money line selections will rarely give more money odds, a great advantage for long-term wagers to make huge profits.

Wagering On Double Chance & Draw No Bet

Another attractive wagering market amongst gamblers is the double chance option.

Double chance offer wagers an option to include the draw into their bet. There are also three choices that you can bet on:

  • Home team to win or draw
  • Away team to win or draw
  • Either team to win

Basically, double chance gives an advantage for bettors who are not willing to risk it all on the Money line.

Draw No Bet is the alternative option. This offer is similar to a conventional American Money line where a drawn fixture becomes trivial. However, in soccer games, if you bet on your team under this market and the game ends in a draw, you are automatically given a refund.

Wagering On Soccer Totals (Over/Under)

Totals are the most popular bet type amongst gamblers. And soccer totals operate in the same way for other sports, but on a lower level.

Much like a goal-line bet, totals are changed in half-goal increments and will often include a half-goal hook to encourage wager on both sides. Usually, bettors will be offered totals of 1.5, 2.5, or 3.5. Totals can be set at two or three goals for games with defensive-based teams.

Three-goal totals are not the best for beginners and are usually labeled dead numbers.

In soccer, all bet types are graded on 90 minutes plus injury time but don’t include extra time and a penalty shootout incident. If you are betting on a game at football (แทงบอล) where the possibilities can surface, consider this before placing your bet.   


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