7 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Car Windows Clean

Are you planning to buy yourself the new Honda Civic Type R this year? Well, if you are, then let us tell you it is indeed a great choice that you are about to make! But have you thought about how are to keep it in perfect condition?  Well, we all dream of buying our dreams, but do we actually take good care of them! We’re afraid not! But when we are here, you surely have nothing to worry about, Car Windows Clean! 

Windows is one of the vital yet beautifying things of your car; it is important you keep that clean! But glass oftentimes comes with streaks, and we surely don’t want that, do we? 

So, start reading our blog below, and we’re sure you will clean your glass windows like an absolute pro! 

1. Preparation of Your Car

The most important part about keeping your spick and span is this one! In this way, you will save yourself a lot of time and, of course, a bit of your energy as well. If you do not prepare your car and wash it well, you might have to put in your effort to clean your windows again! 

So, before you touch the windows, make sure you have cleaned the car well. You can always use a hose to clean the car. That will take off most of the dirt that you have in your, plus saving you time to scrub the car well. 

2. Use Microfiber Cloths

Most people make this major mistake! And we surely don’t want you to do the same! Using newspaper, washcloths, or paper towels is not something your glass windows are craving for! What you need to get for yourself are microfiber cloths. They are absolutely soft and keep the windows stain-free. 

3. Don’t Forget the Interior

When thinking about cleaning your windows, people often forget about the interiors. But what about the interior windows have been facing all these years – with your children using crayons or friends smoking, all these tend to create a build-up! And that’s what you need to clean. Not only the exterior but interior cleaning is also crucial. 

4. Spray Cleaner on Microfiber

Many people have the tendency to spray the cleaning solution directly on the window. But that’s not what a pro does. If you want to clean the windows really well, you need to first spray the solution on the microfiber. Once you do that, then you are supposed to start cleaning the windows. The direct spray might mark your car windows forever. 

5. Clean in Vertical Movements

While cleaning, we have a habit of cleaning the windows in circular motions. But when you do that, you are likely to leave a scratch on your automobile window. And you would definitely not want that to happen! So, in this case, we would always want you to clean your car in circular movements. 

And you need to maintain this for both when you are cleaning the interiors as well as the exteriors. 

6. Be Gentler with the Interior

Cleaning with the same pressure for the interior and exterior is not recommended. We would always suggest you be gentle while cleaning the interiors because that might leave irreparable scratches. 

7. Use DIY Baking Soda Solution

All of us think by purchasing expensive things, we can keep our car top-notch! But we’re afraid you are living in that world, not in complete fantasy. Using a simple baking soda at home can work just as fine to clean your car. 

The coarseness present in baking soda is just perfect enough to clean and scrub off the dirt. And of course, it isn’t that coarse as well to scratch your car up! 

Final Thoughts

 As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know perfectly how to keep your car windows clean like a pro! So, use our tips, and we’re sure you’ll be back to thank us! 

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