6 Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Car Upholstery in Great Conditions

What is the first thing you see when you enter one’s car? Isn’t it the seats that you look at? And that’s where everyone forgets to take great care!  Your car upholstery is the thing that people look at and has an impression about you! So, if you are thinking of getting yourself the Ford Ranger or any other car, it’s time you start reading our blog! 

Below we have come up with 6 tips and tricks to keep your car upholstery in great conditions which will create a great impression of you for anyone who sits in your car. So, are you ready to get into a swift go-through about the tips and tricks? Let’s take a dive right in! 

1. Block the Sunlight!

One of the foremost things that you must do to protect your upholstery is to protect it from the sun! Your leather car seat’s biggest enemy is the sun, and that can very well shorten its span or longevity of it! 

Sun dries your car seats a lot further, causing them to wear off and eventually crack! Many times, it also fades and tears! So, make sure you get some great shields for the windows to block the sun into the car! You can easily get them from online stores or any great automobile shop. 

2. Use Seat Protectors

Many people like towels whereas some old t-shirts. These give your upholstery extra protection barring the sunlight completely. Plus, it limits the chances of the temperature of the car becoming extremely hot. 

In fact, soft old t-shirts come handy to clean the upholstery as well. It does not scratch the car seats because of the soft fabric. 

3. Use Leather Protectors

Another thing we would suggest you use is leather protectors. Some great solutions present at several automobile stores can help you keep the glaze of the leather intact. All you would have to do is use a soft cloth and that spray to clean the car and keep it spick and span.

When you continuously use the leather for many months, there are chances of a film developing that, in the long run, soaks into the seats. And that destroys the leather, reducing its longevity of it. So, if you use leather protectors, you can save yourself from this recurring expense. 

4. Allow Only Car-Friendly Drinks and Food

Two of your car upholstery’s enemies are drinks and food. So, you need to ensure that people in your car are eating or drinking something that does not destroy your car’s upholstery. You can also ask people to eat and drink only when the car is at a still to avoid any spill in the car. 

At times, people also get drink containers and other such protection to avoid spills happening in the car. Avoid the allowance of soups, yogurt, stick candies, and sauces in your car to protect your car upholstery. 

5. Go for Seat Covers

Not everyone out there likes sat covers, but in the long run, you can protect your car. It will help you take off the dirt and mud in your car easily by only washing your car seats. So, this saves you a lot of money and keeps your upholstery clean in the long run. 

6. Purchase Rubber Mats

Many times, people visit several places and have mud and debris stuck up in their shoe soles. A pair of shoes can be thrown away, but what about the car floor and seat? You would not be able to throw that away, would you? So, we would suggest you get yourself mats to protect the car in the long run!

Final Thoughts

 As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly how to keep your car spick and span! So, go ahead use these tips and tricks, and we’re sure you’ll keep the upholstery in great condition for a really long time. 

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