10 Signs It’s Time For A Windshield Replacement

Your vehicle’s windshield plays a crucial role because it functions as a protective lens that shields you from the road while driving, from debris, rocks, and dust. Understandably, you don’t want your windshield to sustain any form of damage, especially chips or cracks. With this in mind, always make it a priority to keep it in the best possible condition. Although the windshield of most manufacturers ensures the best quality with a highly durable plastic coating, it’s still possible for the windshield to develop damage and deteriorate over time and for A Windshield Replacement.

Debris and rocks will fly at your windshield now and then while on the road. If this happens and you see even a minor crack or chip on the surface, you need to monitor the damage to prevent further spread. Most car owners who find a tiny chip are likely to ignore the issue and won’t take immediate action.

If you want to take on a proactive approach in maintaining your windshield once you pinpoint signs of damage, it’s best to consult a professional. Checking out a reliable auto glass professional such as Discount Auto Glass and others would be a good starting point in ensuring your windshield is in good shape or if it needs repairs or a replacement.

Windshield Replacement
Workers remove crashed windshield of a car in auto oudoors service

What’s The Role Of The Windshield?

The windshield is one of the crucial safety features in any vehicle. As the name implies, it’s responsible for protecting you from the elements such as rain, wind, dust, and debris while driving.

Aside from the protective element a windshield provides, it plays an essential role in safety. Similar to airbags and seatbelts, the windshield offers structural support to your vehicle. The windshield prevents the car’s roof from caving in during a roll-over accident, especially among the latest models.

In case a front-end collision occurs, the windshield acts as a cushion if the driver or passenger gets thrown forward, preventing one from being ejected out of the vehicle. The durability of the windshield is due to the double layers of glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film in between the two panes. The film prevents the shattering of the glass, helping minimize the chances of getting an injury.

What Are The Signs To Consider A Windshield Replacement?

You must be familiar with when it’s time to consider replacing your windshield. Here are several indications to watch out for that’s it’s time to think about getting a replacement service for your vehicle:


  1. Evident Signs Of Damage Such As Chips, Cracks, Or Scratches

If you’re constantly on the road, it’s essential to see clearly out of your windshield perfectly. Once a crack or chip forms in your windshield that disrupt your view, you’re putting yourself at risk and others on the road.

When you notice a few chips or cracks in different parts of the windshield, consider bringing your vehicle to a local auto glass shop for a thorough inspection. Doing so will significantly lower the risk of danger while on the road.


  1. Poor Visibility

One of the crucial functions of your vehicle’s windshield is to provide safety. One aspect of that safety is seeing perfectly while operating your vehicle. Although a minor scratch or chip might not seem to be an issue for concern, always remember that any imperfections on the surface of the glass can impair vision while driving.

If there are large-sized cracks, it can cause distortion, significantly impairing your ability to see clearly on the road. The damages can cause glare, both during daytime from the sun and at night from the headlights of other vehicles.

Diminished or poor visibility due to problems with the windshield and other factors such as bad weather can increase the chances of a vehicular accident. If you’re having a hard time seeing clearly through your windshield, it’s time for a replacement job.


  1. Internal Damage To The Glass 

When it comes to the internal glass of the windshield, it occurs once the damage is from inside your vehicle. You can try to get a closer look at your windshield while inside your vehicle. Touch and feel the surface for any rough edges and cracks. If you detect these, the best move is to have your windshield replaced as soon as possible.

Similar to any external chips and cracks, any signs of internal damage to the windshield would require timely intervention to prevent the damage from getting worse.


  1. Upcoming Vehicle Inspection

Once your vehicle has an upcoming vehicle inspection, make it a priority to check your windshield carefully. Any signs of cracks or chips, even if they’re minimal and not disrupting your view while driving, can put you at risk of failing the inspection.

When you have an upcoming inspection with potential issues with the windshield, it’d be best to consult a professional for repairs to minimize the chance of going through the hassle of getting a second inspection. A better option is to consider a replacement job to save on possible repeated repair jobs in the future.


  1. Inefficient Repair Job

Getting a windshield repair and a replacement job is different, but if it’s your first to encounter both, it’s best to know the difference. It’s a temporary solution when your vehicle is getting a windshield repair. It’ll require further attention later on while a replacement job is a long-term fix that can help you save the hassle of returning for another repair job plus the expenses.

In the long run, settling for a replacement job is a wise decision, but it’s still understandable why some still prefer a repair job, especially those with a tight budget. A minor chip or crack on the windshield might seem minimal, but as your vehicle endures constant exposure to the elements, the windshield could no longer withstand the periodic repairs.


  1. Poor Installation

A poor installation job is one of the culprits for the formation of cracks and chips in the windshield. If the windshield installation is incorrect, it’ll result in uneven glass pressure.

Sadly, it means you’ll be spending more since the job is poor in quality in the first place. With this in mind, if you’re planning on getting a windshield replacement for your vehicle, make sure you’ll look for a reliable professional to handle the job efficiently.


  1. White Haze At The Borders Of The Glass

As a safety precaution, most windshields undergo treatment with a particular type of plastic called polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The addition of the plastic ensures that once the windshield shatters, it’ll do so as small, rounded chunks that’ll not cause injury to the driver or passengers in case a collision occurs.

If there’s a white haze around the windshield borders, it means the plastic is starting to detach from the glass. In such cases, it can put you at risk for exposure to large, sharp pieces of glass as they fly inward during any collision on the road. Although it might seem harmless, it can endanger you and your passengers. With this in mind, don’t take the risk and get a replacement right away.


  1. Pitting

Over the years, pitting is likely to develop on the windshield, which is a natural form of wear or deterioration. Generally, pitting can be due to dust, sand, or debris from the road. The glass will eventually deteriorate or wear down in patches in the long run. As these patches catch the light, they can cause sunspots or momentary blindness.

If you tend to follow too close to other vehicles while driving, any flying debris or rocks can cause pitting in the windshield. One way to minimize pitting in your car’s windshield is maintaining a distance between you and the vehicle you’re following. It can help prevent any debris from flying at your windshield as a preventive measure while driving.

The pitting is quite evident at dusk and dawn. Even small-sized pits can scatter reflected light, making it difficult for you to focus on the road. During rainy weather, the pitting on the glass won’t shed water quickly, which can be a potential hazard when driving in already unsafe road conditions.


  1. Exposure To Harsh Winters

If you’re residing in an area with harsh winters, the cold can be unbearable for everyone, including your vehicle. Exposure to hail, salt, and the temperature pressure due to the heavy snow can be detrimental to the overall condition of your windshield.

Don’t hesitate to have it replaced right away once you notice any pitting, cracks, or chips in the windshield. When the glass’s integrity starts to weaken, overexposure to extreme temperature variations causes the cracks and fissures to spread. In severe cases, it can destroy your windshield. If you want to stay safe, don’t take any risks.


  1. Windshield With Missing Parts

Although it seems obvious, some vehicle owners will still attempt to fix it by applying clear tape or tarp for some time until calling a professional.

Sadly, the windshield plays an important role aside from protection against bad weather or keeping insects out. The windshield serves as crucial structural support for your vehicle’s frame. If you fail to replace a missing or damaged windshield or side windows, it can cause the structure of your car to sag and potentially cause misalignment of the glass during replacement.

Final Thoughts

Once you’re facing these issues with your windshield, don’t take the risk by getting a windshield replacement job by a reliable professional as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer until the scratches, chips, or cracks get worse. The timely replacement of your windshield will ensure you’ll stay safe at all times on the road.


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