5 Must-Know Tips for Driving in the Snow

Did you know that over 116,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes on icy or snowy pavement annually? Poor winter conditions can make for hazardous driving. It can also do a lot of damage to vehicles, so it’s important to know how to drive when there is snow or ice around. 

During the colder months, practice good winter driving skills. Are you unsure of what to do when winter weather arrives? If so, check out these five tips for driving in the snow.

  1. Get Winter Tires

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your safety on the road this season is to get winter tires. They will provide more traction than regular tires or all-season tires and can reduce the chances of your car sliding. Swap them for regular tires once winter is over, and store them in your garage or local auto shop to keep them in good condition for next winter. 

  1. Do a Test Drive

If you aren’t sure whether or not it is safe to make a long trip, do a test drive first on your block. Drive carefully and slowly and pay special attention to how your car performs. Check conditions to make sure there isn’t too much ice or other hazards that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle

  1. Carry Winter Supplies

Be a safe driver, and don’t be caught unprepared by winter weather! Keep an ice scraper and a small shovel in your vehicle in case you are caught in a storm. It’s also a good idea to keep an emergency first aid kit along with other supplies like water, a blanket, a snack, and extra warm clothing in case you are stuck in a blizzard in your car. 

  1. Learn How To Steer on Ice and Snow

When driving on snow or ice, make gentle movements with your steering wheel and use steady acceleration and braking. Don’t make jerky movements that could cause your car to skid. And if you lose control, don’t ever slam on the brakes–just deaccelerate and steer to get your car back in the direction you want it to go. 

  1. Slow Down When Driving in the Snow

It may sound obvious, but when driving in a blizzard you should slow down and drive at a reduced speed. This will lessen the chance that your car will lose control if it hits an ice patch. If you want to learn more check out these additional winter hacks for your home and vehicle. 

Drive Safely

Now that you’ve learned the top tips for driving in the snow, you can be proactive during the wintertime. Get your car fitted for winter tires and carry emergency supplies in case you get stuck. When driving, reduce your speed and pay attention to the road ahead. 

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