5 important social media marketing tips in 2021

If you want to learn about the latest tips of social media marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll give you five tips on how to build the perfect social media advertising campaign. 

Create a narrative

Instagram has different tools to allow brands full control over the identity and what they show on their account. These tools allow brands to offer content that their followers can identify with, which will strengthen the digital presence of the account within the platform. Working with these tools to create a story, depending on your brand, is a smart move. Storytelling must be present in the concept of your publications, the aesthetics of your feed and each of the aspects of your account.

Connect with your followers

The real intention behind each of your posts should be to connect with your followers, so you should keep your audience in mind during your content creation process. By offering publications of interest to your followers, you will maintain a constant flow of interaction that will not only help you strengthen the bond with the followers you already have, but will also help you stay relevant within the platform and reach more users. You should also bear in mind that, as a user, it is difficult to connect with an account that is always selling something. Remember the golden rule of marketing: 20% sales content and 80% interesting content for your audience, thus ensuring that most of your feed will be interesting. You can connect with your followers on new platforms like Twitch. The platform is not with the video gamers anymore. You’ve to implement Twitch viewer bot in your marketing campaigns to boost the organic reach on the platform. 

Avoid posting too much

Posting excessively can be tedious for users who follow your brand’s account. At the end of the day, work on Instagram has to move between promotional and interesting content, so excessive sharing will be counterproductive for the presence of your brand and the way in which your followers perceive it.

Emphasize the value of your brand by supporting a good cause

The values ​​of the brand take an additional weight within Instagram. That is why it is not strange to see that some take advantage of their publications to highlight them. By collaborating with causes of interest to your followers, you will be forging a lasting connection, as well as increasing engagement thanks to collaboration with that specific cause.

Target young audiences

According to different studies, almost 80% of people between 17 and 24 years of age check their phone before buying a product and at least 70% of people within this same segment have an Instagram account. These statistics are key for any brand looking to establish itself successfully for the long term. When thinking about your target audience, pay attention to people in this age range, as they are the most likely to review your profile and become customers.

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