What Color Cars Are Usually Stolen: Fascinating Statistics

If you’ve gotten a little bored playing car-themed slots all the time at this link National, then we suggest you take a look at some very interesting statistics, which might be useful to you if you suddenly decide to buy a new car. Thus, experts evaluated the most popular colors of cars and named, which shades of cars are the most attractive for thieves.

Gray (Silver)

  • Safety. Cars of this color are recognized as the safest, as they get into accidents twice as rarely as other cars.
  • Practicality. All shades of silver are also considered one of the most practical. It is a godsend for those who would like to save money on car wash, as the dust and dirt on the car in this color are not striking much. In addition, the silver shade hides small scratches, cracks, and dents. In summer it is not so hot in the cabin, as, for example, in a dark car.
  • The likelihood of theft. The most stolen cars. Since silver shades have been the sales leaders for many years, they are the most common and, accordingly, the most in-demand. Hence, the chances of a stolen car getting lost in the general flow of cars are great and  gclub..


  • Safety. Just like the silver one, it does not often fall in the accident reports. But in wintertime, you may not notice it against the background of snowdrifts.
  • Practicality. Small scratches and small dents are practically invisible. Dust layer is more noticeable than on the silver version. It does not fade in the sun. The interior of the vehicle heats up less in the summer.
  • Possibility of theft. If white is not the most popular in the model range of your car brand, the probability of theft is not the highest, since this color is quite catchy. Although, it is easier to repaint “quickly”.


  • Safety. Frequent participant of accidents.
  • Practicality. One of the most impractical colors. Everything is visible on it: big and small scratches, the thinnest layer of dust, not to mention the dirt. According to the statistics, the owner of such a color has to wash it several times more often than the owners of other cars. Thus, the lovers of the economy should not choose this color: it significantly affects the pocket. In addition, in summer it will be very hot in the cabin of such a car since black attracts the sun, and because of this, it burns out strongly.
  • The probability of theft. Executive class cars, in spite of all the disadvantages, are in demand from the thieves, although much less than the silver and white.


  • Safety. It gets into accidents much less often than dark-colored cars. But it has its own peculiarities. It is difficult to assess the speed of a car of this color: it seems that it goes faster than in reality. And if it is driving next to you, there will be a feeling that you want to “cut off”. As for pedestrians and their evaluation of a car of this color, the elderly people see it better than other colors (due to the brightness of red) but cross the road closer to the rushing car than, for example, middle-aged people and children. In addition, the color red increases aggressiveness. And if you are a rather passionate person, it is better to choose another color, because you need to keep calm on the road.
  • Practicality. Small scratches are visible, dents are not as noticeable as on black. Burns out in the sun.
  • Possibility of theft. Not popular with hijackers, unless, of course, it is a color that defines the entire lineup.


  • Safety. A car of this color is clearly visible at any time of day, so in an accident is not a frequent participant, but visually reduces the distance. Pedestrians are perceived the same way as red cars.
  • Practicality. Proved itself well enough: scratches are practically not visible, the sun does not burn out, but dents are noticeable strongly.
  • The probability of theft. Because of this color, nobody will steal your car: it is not popular.


  • Safety. Frequent participant of accidents due to its proximity to the colors of nature. (During the fast driving it just merges with the surrounding scenery).
  • Practicality. Not practical. Burns out in the sun. Dents and scratches are visible.
  • The likelihood of theft. The probability of theft is small, as the color is not very popular.


  • Safety. If it is light shades of blue, the characteristics are comparable to gray-silver. If the shades are dark, they are comparable to black, though blue will be brighter.
  • Practicability. The situation is the same as with the security. Light shades are comparable to silver, dark ones to black.
  • The probability of theft. Since the coloring is still different from gray-silver and black, the likelihood of theft is reduced, although more so than yellow, green, or red.


  • Safety. Along with black and green often gets in accidents. There are even two factors: the proximity to natural shades and dark color, which is poorly distinguishable in the evening.
  • Practicality. It looks black.
  • Probability of theft. One of the most “un-gettable” colors. Probably not liked by the hijackers due to the fact that it is not very popular among the population, although it belongs to the classic and is close to black.


In terms of its characteristics, it may be placed on a par with silver, especially the light blue shades. But the probability to get into the theft reports is minimal.

Cars of darker shades are more often involved in accidents since they are badly discernible at night. As far as practicality is concerned, they are probably the last to be chosen. Silver and gray colored cars have the palm of thieves. But they are the most practical and the least involved in accidents. Also, cars of light colors are not often involved in accidents. And if the base color is not silver, the probability to be stolen decreases many times. Choosing not the most popular color, also reduces the chances to steal your pet. In addition, although brightly colored cars are more noticeable on the road, they can cause an accident without being involved in it (they distract the attention of other drivers).

One More Thing

If you are planning the resale of your car, you should choose classical colors: white, silver, or black. Experts believe that these three will never go out of fashion. In the case of our country, this can also include the color red. Attempts to sell a car of a more rare color can face problems in the secondary market: there simply will not be those who would like to buy, for example, a lettuce car.

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