Tips for taking a safe car ride with your dog

If you decide to travel with a dog, you can eliminate having to carry around your kennel or pay somebody else to sit the dog for you. Since several people are taking the option of taking long drives with their dog instead of flying with them, there are some things that you need to consider as you take your dog along with you for a ride. Professional research helpers will give you some tips that you can use to prepare your dog to take such a long trip.

Secure the dog in the car

The priority for both you and the dog is safety, and that comes especially when you are taking a trip on the road in your car. It is not safe for dogs to roam inside the car, and therefore, pet owners are urged to have their dogs travel with them in a carrier that has been well ventilated and can also get strapped to leave the car seat belt. Dogs that are free to roam can always cause destruction, especially for the driver, resulting in danger or accident, affecting all of you in the car. You must also ensure that your pet is in the backseat because the airbags located at the front passenger seat can harm the pet whenever you get involved in an accident. You can also keep the pets inside the crate or your trunk if you have a car with open access to the crate. Keep the head of your dog in the car at all times, even if they love the open air. You should have dog health insurance in case of emergencies because they can always get injured by debris, or even the cold might affect them too; so in this case, ensure that it includes coverage in case of injury as well.

Check the behavior of your dog before you travel

Excitement Barking, anxiety, car sickness, and territorial barking are among the dog’s common issues first. And that he can be a result of nervousness, excessive excitement, or the past trauma of the dog. You, therefore, have to condition the dog always to be comfortable and calm while they are inside the car before taking a long drive. If the dog is trained properly, it can be put inside the crate, and it will take care of the rest. If the dog is not trained properly, you must ensure that you avoid showing excitement as you start your ride.

Assist in keeping the dog from getting sick

Younger dogs can suffer from motion sickness, and it can go a long way when the dogs get older. That results in their inner ear getting more developed. You must also understand that the main cause of this type of sickness or vomiting is anxiety, affecting many dogs. If your dog feels nauseous, it can show signs of panting, lip licking, drooling, whining, and many others. To prevent motion sickness, you can have them by ensuring that they feel at home. You can carry the toy that they love or wrap them with a blanket or t-shirt that smells exactly like home to provide them with a sense of comfort. 

You can buy them something that can ensure that they are not stressed, and that can help you prevent several accidents along the way, and it will also keep the dog busy. Ensure that you are always taking regular breaks as you ride and take your dog for a walk because that will break the monotony and help them get familiar with some of the places you are stopping by. That is also a good chance for them to go to the loo, and it will also go a long way into making them go a break from the conflicting signals of sensors which could be the main reason they have motion sickness. 

You can also opt for a dog medicine that can assist them in avoiding getting nauseous. One type of drug that helps the dog in such situations is Dramamine. It is a useful drug though it can have some side effects, including dry mouth or sleepiness. If you have ginger, it can help you a lot because it is one of the more natural ways to help calm nausea for both you and your pet. As you give your dog food, you can always hide some ginger roots within their treat, or you can source ginger powder because they are easier for consumption. 

If you are looking to go for a long trip with your dog, ensure that you follow the provided guidelines above because they will be the best bet for you to avoid distractions along the road and also to keep you and your dog safe from any accidents that may occur during a trip. You must also ensure that you carry all the necessary items you might need to use, including water or other scraps of food that can sometimes help you snack whenever you feel hungry. If you do that, then be rest assured that you will have a great trip ahead.

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