3 important aspects of the digital marketing in 2021

There always comes a time when you will need to develop a digital marketing plan. Whether it is to plan for the next year, to start your job, or to initiate a change of course in the company’s strategy. 

After some research on Google, you have found models of “Digital Marketing Plan”, but these are obviously intended for large groups, those who can afford to take several weeks and organize at will committees that will mobilize all The direction.

You don’t have that freedom. 

You don’t have an expandable team to help you do this , and you have a mountain of tasks and responsibilities. You need an effective solution to quickly formalize a coherent digital marketing plan that you can present to your management for validation.

Good news: we’ve got you covered

This model plan gets right to the point. It only contains the essentials and focuses only on digital.

How to use this digital marketing plan template?

Read the article first and then open a blank Word document that you will complete by answering the questions in each of the sections described below. To save time, you can also freely download this pre-filled template by clicking here.

Be careful, you will probably want to skip some questions. We have just promised you a concrete action plan, without fuss or blah … and now we are starting with fairly theoretical sections on your “positioning” or “your differentiation strategy”.

It’s desired.

The point is that these questions are necessary: ​​if you want to quickly define “the results we want to achieve” and “how we are going to get them”, you need to ask first (however briefly) “who we are” and “ where we are starting from”.

Are you ready? Let’s go !

Your positioning strategy

Summarize in one sentence these 4 key elements that define your business:

  • What we do (core business)
  • Who we do it for (customers)
  • How we do it (culture)
  • Why we do it (mission)

For example – do you want to be a popular vlogger on YouTube? Well create the goals and positioning strategy. What’s your Youtube content distribution strategy? Do you buy YouTube views for the better short-cut during the journey? Well there are many 

Do not try to write a catchy catchphrase to seduce your customers: this sentence will only be used internally to formalize the mission of the company .

A concrete example could be:

We (design and deploy digital marketing strategies) for (B2B companies wishing to generate more leads) by (adopting an agile and pragmatic approach) because (we want to help companies grow). First, it will allow you to put things down and set the framework for the plan . Second, you might be surprised to find that your own definition of the mission of the company is not unanimous internally.

Your Goals 

What are the marketing goals to achieve in the next 12 months? What results do you want to achieve? What are the priorities to ensure the development of the company? Start from the company’s business goals . What quantified results should you achieve through web marketing? How many sales do you need to make to reach these goals? If you want to formulate clear and specific goals, we can only advise you to read our article on how to set SMART goals. The first step to achieving a goal is to write it down. Defining precisely the result you want to achieve will allow you to identify the actions to be taken to get there. Launch without goals and you’ll be doomed to fumble in the dark, launching isolated and disjointed actions, haphazardly, hoping to hit the jackpot.

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