How to Identify Genuine Parts for Your Car

Your car will last longer and give you the service you need when fitted with genuine parts. However, this is something that many overlook when looking for spares. As a result, they buy substandard parts, which puts their vehicle and the occupants at risk. This is because the counterfeit parts can malfunction at any moment leading to accidents that can be fatal. 

Such issues are the reason you should only purchase original parts every time you need replacements. But how can you find genuine products when there are many counterfeit parts in the market? Here is what you should do. 

Buy From Leading and Authorized Stores    

Purchasing parts from well-known stores like Pedders is one of the ways you can get original parts. This is because leading stores that have been in the business for a long time know how to distinguish between genuine and fake spare parts.

They also have a reputation to maintain, unlike newly established stores that only want to make a profit. As a result, these leading stores only get their products from reliable manufacturers of leading brands. Furthermore, check whether the seller is authorized by manufacturers to sell the parts. Why? 

Most of the best brands prefer to sell their products through specific suppliers and stores as a way of guaranteeing quality goods. 

By doing all these, you can ensure that the parts you buy from leading and authorized sellers meet the required standards. This then guarantees your safety and that of other passengers while also increasing the lifespan of your car.

Check the Warranty 

Warranty is crucial when buying car parts. This is because it gives you an idea as to whether the parts you are buying are genuine or not. 

If a store seller is willing to give you a warranty that will last for several months or more than a year, it is a good sign. It shows that the seller knows that the parts they are giving you are durable, and that is why they are willing to offer a warranty. Thus, you can buy the parts with the confidence that they are genuine. 

On the other hand, the absence of a warranty or one that lasts for a month is a red flag. It suggests that the seller knows that the product will not last for long, and that is why they want to avoid blame and the loss that might be incurred.  

Therefore, always insist on getting a reasonable warranty. Never buy from such stores that are reluctant to provide one unless you want to end up with counterfeit car parts.  

The Takeaway 

Finding genuine parts for your car should not be a challenge. You only need to do two things. First, make sure you buy from a leading and authorized dealer such as Pedders. Second, look out for a warranty. This will require you to buy from a seller that gives a good warranty for each part. Doing all these will help you avoid the many counterfeit products in the market. 


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