The list of top cars for students while being in college

A car is quite expensive and something most students can’t afford. However, it can save time, budget, help to combine work and study and be an excellent option for travel. When else but as a student, can you get together with friends and drive across the country? As a rule, a student’s first car isn’t one of luxury and splendor. We found out from the experts at WritingCheap a list of cars that are the most popular among students and don’t cost as much as an airplane wing. 

How to choose a car for a student?

When choosing a car, it is important to consider the following:

  • The year of the vehicle’s release. This is not the most important criterion for choosing, but it does matter. The older is the car, the worse its condition is. Of course, you can find an exception to the rule, but you will have to look for a long time.
  • The condition of its body. This is the point to which you should really pay attention. There are brands with quality galvanized bodies that can serve for dozens of years. But the majority of budget cars do not possess this feature.
  • Work of the engine and gearbox. The replacement of the engine or the gearbox on a car of a foreign brand will cost a pretty penny. That is why when buying a car, be sure to ask for a drive, listen to how the engine starts and works.
  • Availability in the market of spare parts of the brand. You should take into account both the availability of parts and their price.
  • Reviews of other drivers. Before you buy a car, choose 3-5 options for yourself, suitable for the price, and be sure to read reviews of car owners.

The best cars for students

Volkswagen Jetta

Equipped with an extremely reliable 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the Volkswagen Jetta is a spacious car that is a pleasure to drive. It is the most affordable automobile in the VW lineup. This sedan is great for any summer trip in the summer and for everyday usage. Options with other engines are available, but models equipped with the 2.0 liter tend to be the most affordable for students.

Toyota Corolla.

We recommend the Corolla to all students who want impeccable reliability. This model is one of those cars that is known for its outstanding reliability, fuel efficiency, and unusually spacious interior.

If you are a party person or just prefer roomy interiors, the Corolla will be a great choice for accommodating dozens of passengers with study items and materials. All students should keep in mind that the Corolla is an interesting choice due to its high resale value, which may be one of the most compelling reasons to prefer this model to any other Toyota vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf IV

For the conservative student looking for a car under $4,000 to $5,000, the Volkswagen Golf IV is not a bad option. This generation is not as rotten as Golf III, but it is not as technically advanced as Golf V. An unencumbered student can take a three-door, but it also looks good in a five-door version. There are also a station wagon and a convertible. The most popular engines for Golf IV are the 1.4-liter gasoline and 1.9-liter diesel. Both of them are familiar to any car mechanic. There will be no problems with spare parts. The main thing is to find a well-maintained model. 

Peugeot 307

In recent years, the Peugeot 307 has become cheaper. Today it is possible to find a more or less well-preserved copy for a low price without any problems. The more so, these cars are usually well maintained. As a rule, the Peugeot 307 has a body of a 5-door hatchback. However, there are also 3-doors, station wagons, and even a coupe-cabriolet. The advantages of the 307 include a comfortable suspension, not bad noise isolation, spacious interior, and French charm. 


The Mazda3 has quickly established itself as a great car that is quite affordable for different income groups of people. Be careful when buying older generations of the Mazda3, which have been noted to have huge rust problems. 

Skoda Fabia

The owners of Skoda Fabia highlight the good appearance and the quality of the body. It is impossible not to note the small dimensions, which make it very mobile in the urban stream. Drivers choose this car because of its reasonable price, good economy, level of comfort, and good safety. Suspension works well on the roads.

However, the owners note some shortcomings associated with insufficient noise isolation, stiff suspension, small trunk.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a great example of what a student car should be. Thanks to its economy, ease of driving, and low price, the Civic has gained popularity all over the world in the last 25 years. Despite the fact that the car is slightly larger than the Honda Fit, it is one of the most interesting options for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Suzuki SX4

This car resembles a crossover but is not. The city hatchback is equipped with automatic transmission and a tractive engine. We recommend you to pay attention to the usual version of the car, but not to the all-wheel-drive one. Within 5-6 thousand dollars, you can find a car not older than ten years with a mileage about 100-150 thousand.

Ford Focus

It is a classic of sales on the secondary market in the United States. American car has long found its buyer, so the price for it keeps from year to year. The car is extremely reliable and durable, and there are no problems with the body elements, rust, weak paintwork. The small volume of the engine is enough in all conditions.

Nissan Micra

The smallest car in the Nissan Micra lineup has made the top 10 best cars for students, thanks to its ridiculous price (new car starting at $9,998), authentic styling, and compact size.


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