How to Store CBD Oil to Keep it Fresh?

Well, you have incorporated CBD oil into your wellness regime. You might be familiar that finding the best CBD product for your needs is overwhelming. After discovering CBD oil that works best for you, how will you retain its potency? 

Are you worried about the degradation of cannabinoids in your CBD oil? CBD products are prone to degradation over time; that’s why manufacturers preserve them in airtight glass jars.

However, you can store your CBD oil drops to maintain their cannabinoid profile by taking few right steps. Keep on reading to know how to preserve the effectiveness of buzzy wellness CBD oil.

How to Store CBD Oil?

Storage of CBD oil is not difficult. However, to attain its maximum shelf life, you have to consider the following three factors. Let us examine each to keep CBD oil in the best possible form.

Keep CBD Out of Direct Light

One of the most optimal places to preserve every CBD product is a dark place. You can place your CBD oil in a pantry as cannabinoids last long in a cold place. You might be thinking about placing your CBD oil bottle in the refrigerator. Well, it’s another great location to preserve CBD.

However, if you take CBD oil daily, don’t put it into the freezer. CBD oil may become dense, and it becomes hard to dispense it through a dropper.

Contrary to this, the exposure of CBD oil to direct sunlight will rancid it and changes its color. The high-intensity UV rays can significantly break down the CBD. So, the preferred places to store CBD oil are:

  • Cupboard
  • Fridge

Keep Your Product Away From Heat

Another notable factor to consider when storing CBD is heat exposure. Heat can stash your CBD product by breaking down CBD molecules. Whether you are using CBD oil or CBD capsules, be sure to preserve them below 21°C. 

If you are considering long-term storage, then a refrigerator is not a bad idea. If so, never forget to shake it well before taking it.

Instead of a refrigerator, you can consider storing it in your cupboard. But place them away from an electric appliance that generates heat. 

Prevent Exposure to Air

You are aware of the fact that air has a blend of molecules that can react with CBD. Among the three gases in the air, oxygen causes more damage to CBD. That is why it is recommended to place CBD oil in an airtight container. Generally, all the supplement bottles and containers are designed to prevent air exposure. 

For quality assurance, you can tightly seal the packaging after each use.

Final Thoughts

You can store your perishable CBD oil by following these simple tips. However, it cannot last forever, but proper storage can enhance its shelf life for few months. In general, CBD oil starts degrading after six months; if you notice any change in color or smell, you can replace it. 

The notable thing about CBD oil is that it is safe to use after its shelf life, but you have to integrate higher doses to experience its effects.

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