How to tune your engine?

There are two main rules of tuning an engine – increasing power and improving the economy. The first rule is the simplest to remember because it is the rule for increasing power. So tuning up your car engine can mean either increasing power or improving its economy.

There are many ways to increase engine power by doing the following:

Remapping the ECU

These days, engine remapping has become quite popular with many car enthusiasts. With the right car tuning software and a laptop computer, cars can be tuned up in minutes for increased power or improved economy. The speed at which remapping can achieve these changes is astonishing as many of the people I have talked to have stated that it only takes a few minutes for all the changes to occur. So this alone answers the question, how to tune a car engine up power or economy tuning because a remap can truly improve both. 

The process is straightforward and involves plugging your laptop into your car’s ECU diagnostic connector and loading the new settings from your computer. It does not affect any part of the drivetrain or engine, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

Fitting performance intake system

A performance intake system is a type of air filter which is designed to improve the flow rate of air into your engine. These days, many different types of filter systems are available, from cold air intakes, straight through designs, and even short ram intakes. Therefore, the performance intake system you get for your car will depend on your engine type.

When choosing a performance intake system, you need to think about how often you plan to change the engine’s oil because some filters require higher frequency changes. If you really don’t want to do all the hard work, then it is best to get an oiled filter as they are easier to fit in when compared with dry filter systems.

Fitting performance exhaust system

Performance exhaust systems are typically fitted to high-performance cars.

A performance exhaust system is a type of muffler designed to improve the exhaust flow rate out from your engine. These days, many different types of mufflers are available, from straight-through designs and even short ram ones. The performance exhaust system you get for your car will depend on the engine you have.

Fitting performance tires

“So a performance tire is a type of tire designed to improve the car’s performance with grip, handling, and fuel economy. These days, many different types of tires are available, from all-season tires, summer tires, sports tires, and even winter tires. The type of performance tire that you get for your car will depend on what types of weather conditions you’re likely to experience.”

When choosing a performance tire, you need to think about your budget because some tires require frequent replacements. If you do not want to do all the hard work, it is best to get an all-season tire suitable for winter and summer weather conditions.

Fitting performance brake pads

So you have your car all remapped, new airbox, performance exhaust to better tyres, so now it’s essential to get other performance brake pads fitted as with the newfound power you will want to stop.

A performance brake pad is a type of brake pad designed to improve the car’s performance by stopping distance and feeling. These days, many different kinds of pads are available, from ceramic rotor compatible pads to organic or semi-synthetic stock replacement pads. The type of performance brake pad that you get for your car will depend on the braking system that your vehicle has.”

Choose your new performance brake pads by thinking about what you do in the summer or winter because some parts are not suitable for all weather conditions. If you don’t want to do all the hard work, it is best to get non-asbestos compounds to be used in wet and dry conditions.

Making your vehicle Lighten

This one is the easiest way to make your car perform better, and it is the one I like to do. This job includes lightening all possible necessary parts of your vehicle, engine and what not you can lighten. You can even get light way replacements parts to increase the power from carbon fibre panels.

To make your car perform better, you can lighten any part of the drivetrain or engine. One easy way to do this is by replacing all stock parts with lighter ones like carbon fibre panels. This will not only improve performance but may also reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. It’s essential to choose the right type of replacement for each component, not negatively affect safety features on your vehicle.

It is important to remember that all the points mentioned above are just a few ways you can tune your car engine for power or economy, depending on what type of vehicle you have. If you perform all the above car tuning tips, your car will likely see lower fuel consumption and improved performance. However, keep in mind that it could be illegal to drive on the road without a new vehicle inspection or without obtaining a racing permit if your vehicle has been modified from stock specifications. I hope you have found this article helpful and enjoy getting that bit more power out of your car.


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