Most affordable cars in Pakistan

Having a car in Pakistan is not only a dream but also a need, unfortunately, the prices of cars in this country have skyrocketed in recent years, becoming very hard for consumers on a tighter budget to afford one.  

When it comes to car affordability we are not only taking into consideration the price of acquisition for new and second-hand models but also the fuel consumption and spare parts prices 918kiss. 

It’s very important for a good car to be reliable and have a long life cycle in countries like Pakistan where roads pose a great challenge. A longer life cycle means in the end lower maintenance costs and more money in your pocket. 

You don’t actually have to win at Jackpot City Casino to afford a car in Pakistan because in this article we will be giving you a couple of information about the cheapest and most affordable car models in the country. 

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki is the most established car producer in Pakistan. Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is the country’s largest manufacturer, holding over 50% of the total market share. Just by looking at the data, we understand a lot about the trust and reliability that the company has built in Pakistan. 

We can easily say that Suzuki holds a monopoly over the market in Pakistan and one of their most popular cars bought in this country is Suzuki Mehran. Unfortunately, the car went out of production in 2019 after over three decades.

Coming with a small 800 cc engine and low maintenance costs, Suzuki Mehran was the most popular choice when it comes to consumers on a tighter budget. You can still find this car available second-hand and spare parts are easily available in the local market. The car itself can vary between 3-9 lac PKR depending on the model.

When it comes to fuel consumption, Suzuki Mehran only takes around 1L for every 15Km, making it a popular city-car choice. 

Suzuki Alto

Another great option coming from Suzuki Motors is Suzuki Alto. It scores high in the consumption sector, taking 1L of gas for over 20km.  The price for the basic version goes around 1.2 million PKR.

This car can be considered an entry-level hatchback released originally with a 1000 cc engine but there is now a 660 cc engine version also available. Both models can be considered a budget-friendly choice in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. Being produced by Suzuki and with an authorized dealer in the local market, it’s very easy and cheap to get spare parts. 

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is a tiny car that became very popular in Pakistan, especially for the youth bracket. For its size, Suzuki Cultus takes only around 1L of Gas for 14km, but the overall price of the vehicle goes around 2 million PKR for the full-option version.

This car comes with the same K10B, 1000 cc engine as the Wagon R making it a reliable choice for both the city and long drives.  

Honda City

Leaving Suzuki Motors behind, it’s time to take a look at the competition. Honda has one car the sells extremely well in Pakistan for over 1 decade now. Honda City is an amazing car for this country, going only around 1 million PKR and taking about 1L for every 14-15km. 

It’s not a hatchback like the options from the competition and the spare parts are also a bit more expensive since they are not always easily available. 

The car went through 4 generations over 20 years and it comes in both Petrol & Diesel versions. The 1498 cc of the modern versions is a true monster that loves being taken to the road.

The interior is truly amazing, large and comfortable even in the basic-options models. The greatest addition to the car comes in form of a 7-Speed CVT but only for Petrol models.  

Prince Pearl

Regal Automobiles Industries Limited (RAIL) decided to introduce its first-ever hatchback release on the market of Pakistan. Right now Prince Pearl goes around 1 million PKR, making a great choice for users on a tighter budget.  

The car comes with an 800cc, EFI engine capable of developing 40hp and includes electric windows, power steering and a great multimedia system. 

For its size, Prince Pearl is not a fuel-hog. This car takes around 1L of Gas for over 15km staying in the affordable range. 

Final Words

Pakistan sells just around 2 lakh cars every year compared to India which sells around 43 lakh units. With no domestic carmaker, this South Asian neighbour has to rely primarily on imports. 

Many car models are commonly sold in both countries, some with different names but somehow similar prizes. For example, Suzuki is the most common choice in both India and Pakistan enjoying loyalists due to its quality-for-value and fuel efficiency. 

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