Toyota Cars Price in Pakistan 2020

Toyota Cars Price in Pakistan 2020

Toyota cars have always been one of the 1st priorities of the people of Pakistan as these cars come with the best specifications and are designed according to the road conditions of Pakistan. Toyota Cars Price in Pakistan 2020 is available here. Every year Toyota launches new cars and launch a new model for cars that are being previously. Toyota cars are best in terms of quality and the company also provides after-sale services to its customers. Like every year this year, Toyota has launched different cars that are being used in Pakistan here we are going to share the price list of these cars with you so that it may be easier for you to select the car according to your budget as well as features and designs that suits you best as we know that every person has different taste in cars and wants features in his car according to his need of daily life that makes his driving experience far better. The price list of latest cars launched by Toyota this year are as follows:

Toyota Cars Price in Pakistan 2020:

Toyota Corolla XLI VVTIPKR 2,519,000
Toyota Corolla GLI 1.3 VVTIPKR 2,769,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Manual 1.6PKR 3,159,000
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8PKR 3,479,000
Toyota Corolla XLI AutomaticPKR 2,619,000
Toyota Corolla GLI Automatic 1.3 VVTIPKR 2,869,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6PKR 3,309,000
Toyota Corolla Altis CVT-I 1.8PKR 3,679,000
Toyota YarisPKR 2,469,000
Toyota RushPKR 5,040,000
Toyota PriusPKR 6,380,000
Toyota AvanzaPKR 5,220,000
Toyota RevoPKR 5,899,000
Toyota Camry HybridPKR 16,050,000
Toyota FortunerPKR 7,699,000
Toyota Hilux EPKR 5,499,000
Toyota HiluxPKR 3,499,000
Toyota Land Cruiser PradoPKR 26,000,000
Toyota Land Cruiser 200PKR 48,000,000
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These are the prices of the latest cars of Toyota that have been launched this year by Toyota. If you are interested to buy this car you can visit your nearest Toyota car showroom and by providing them with all the information they need and by fulfilling their requirements you can book your dream car. If you want to travel for business purposes or with family for long routes within Pakistan then Toyota cars are simply best as these cars are also well known for their fuel efficiency. The prices of these cars have been increased a little bit this year as we know that car prices increase every year due to various reasons. This was all about Toyota Cars Price in Pakistan 2020.

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